Women’s association asks for cake donations

The local association of the catholic german women’s association (KDFB) runs the annual "altstadtfest-cafe" at the herzogenaurach festival. The income from the sale of coffee and cakes enables the women’s association to care for other women, to show solidarity and to give help, according to a press release from the KDFB. At the annual general meeting, for example, a donation of 500 euros was made to the girls’ home in herzogenaurach. The local association donated a total of 2700 euros last year, among other things to the lions relief organization, to the herzogenaurach twin town of nova gradiska, to the parish, to tembladera/peru and to the friends of the nativity scene for the preservation of the parish nativity scene.

After the first call for donations of cakes last year, so many cakes arrived that they could be sold right up to the end, writes christina dabler. Even pastor helmut hetzel, who has once again put his beautiful parish garden at the disposal of the women’s association, has baked cakes.

The proceeds from the sale of cakes and coffee will be used again this year for aid projects such as the solidarity fund of the KDFB "women helping women" used. Poverty not only deprives people of the foundations for a quiet, peaceful life, it also threatens their very existence. And support is not only needed in the wider world; help is often needed right next door in herzogenaurach.

So that the women’s association can donate again this year and thus help, the association asks all hobby bakers to donate one of their favorite cakes to the women’s association. The cakes and pies can be donated at the old town festival on saturday and sunday, 22. And 23. June, can be delivered directly to the parish garden.

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