Wastewater association aschach-saale lays new pressure line

Wastewater association aschach-saale lays new pressure line

After about 15 years, the wastewater association aschach-saale (AZV) decided in public meeting to raise the fee for sludge collection from wastewater pits to 25 euros per cubic meter as of january. Until now, the price of only ten euros, which is generally considered to be far too low, has applied, as comparative figures from all over bavaria show.

AZV managing director heiko schuhmann informed the meeting that the corresponding fees in southern bavaria currently average 19 euros, and 21 euros in the north. Since there are no fixed prices for sludge acceptance, the association’s assembly also used the current high prices of 27 euros in the south and 29 euros in the north of the country as a guide when setting its new fee of 25 euros. The decision was taken unanimously after only a short discussion, since only about 70 cubic meters of sludge are delivered to the AZV each year anyway.

Association chairman waldemar bug (odp), mayor of the market town of burkardroth, also provided information on two contract awards that had previously been discussed in closed session. HTS in sulzdorf (rhon-grabfeld district) was commissioned to lay a 3.3-kilometer-long pressure line between the katzenbacher clear plant and stralsbach. The work, worth 852,000 euros, is scheduled for completion by october 2018 and is expected to begin in the spring.

Rainer kiel kanalsanierung gmbh in estenfeld near wurzburg was commissioned to rehabilitate the sewer manholes in the aschachtal valley near zahlbach, frauenroth and aschach and to renew two rainwater overflow basins in zahlbach and at the parking lot below aschach castle. The implementation of this work, which will cost around 40,000 euros, is to begin shortly.

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