Trachtler honor edmund sprenger

Trachtler honor edmund sprenger

The main focus of the festive reception was on honoring members who have served the company for many years. Honorary chairman edmund sprenger was awarded the gold pin of honor for his outstanding services to the upper franconian folk costume movement.

Everywhere in the festival tent there were only happy and beaming, partly also a little exhausted faces. A very successful festival of traditional costumes was coming to an end, a festival of traditional costumes that was supported by countless helpers and was only possible in this way. Therefore the responsible persons of the folk costume association "zechgemeinschaft neukenroth" used at the festive reception the favor of the hour, in order to express a thank you to all energetic comrades-in-arms.

Vacation and free time sacrificed

"Our association has jerked together a bit more. Our long-time members are our greatest asset, and we can't put a high enough value on them.", said a visibly satisfied sabine scherbel, third chairwoman of the folkstrachtenverein. She was very proud of her association and of the great willingness of the members to host a festival of this dimension. "When we faced this rough task last year, we knew we could rely on our members. They did not let us down, but sacrificed their free time and even their vacations to help out. The erection of the huge tent alone was an immense feat of strength", praised them.

Her special thanks go to her three colleagues on the board, who have shared the main burden for more than a year. "You did a great job", she summed up. A hearty thank you also to robert maurer for the use of his property. For a very successful celebration and many beautiful common hours also the deputy chairman of the trachtengauverband upper franconia, renate koch thanked.

The festive reception was atmospherically framed by the brass band and singing group of the folkstrachtenverein, while the youth dance group of the "zechgemeinschaft neukenroth" performed a special dance with beautiful home dances delighted. The evening was moderated by press officer joachim beez.

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