The kronach county bookstore is moving

the kronach county bookstore is moving

Until a few days ago, the first floor of the house with the number 9 in johann-knoch-gasse in kronach was a symbol for the decline of a rough drugstore chain. About a year ago, the schlecker market closed there. What remains is the checkout, the shelves – even the stand where customers used to be able to wrap their purchases in gift wrapping paper. But there is nothing left to pack.

In the meantime, life has returned. While the district bookstore at the school center is being renovated, it will move into the former schlecker store. Some rows of shelves are already filled with books, men carry box after box into the store, and rudolf pfadenhauer, manager of the kreisbucherei, discusses with his co-worker. She moves a shelf in front of the shop window. Pfadenhauer shakes his head: "there i wanted to have the view to drauben free. It's much more pleasant when it's light out."

In the past weeks he had to decide many things. "We had to remove several books because they were old or no longer in demand by our readers." Finally he has only 400 square meters of space – about a third less. The most popular books, currently regional crime novels, have nevertheless moved with them. Other things, such as karl may novels, had to make way for the most part.

1000 boxes, 40.000 bookers
It took four weeks to come up with the plan, pfadenhauer explains. Last week "we spent five days just packing", and since monday they are moving. He is pleased that the new home of the county bookstore is the former schlecker market. "We can use almost all the furniture, which saves us work", he says. Pfadenhauer and his staff have enough of these anyway: 1000 boxes, in which 40.000 books, want to be cleared out.

Until the 22. July is supposed to last. In the meantime, the people of kronach still have to do without the county bookstore. The intermezzo in the city center is to last for a year until it moves back to the school center. In the meantime, promises rudolf pfadenhauer, the users of the circle bookstore will only have to do without one thing: "the only thing we don't have here is our media corner with internet access."

Opening after the move opens the county bookstore in its new premises on monday, 22. July.

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