The kirchweih barrel is tapped

The kirchweih barrel is tapped

The first beer keg for the wiesentheider kirchweih is not only tapped, it is already drunk empty. Burgermeister werner knaier had little trouble getting the tap into the small keg. At the event in the steigerwaldhalle on the monday before the kirchweih weekend, which was dubbed a beer tasting, he and the new festival host oliver hohn from kitzingen tapped the first mabkruge full and toasted with invited guests.

New landlord

The mayor buried beside the honorary guests and representatives of the associations above all the new festwirt, which comes for a long time once again not from wiesentheid. In the run-up to the traditional festival, which runs from friday, 22. September until tuesday, 26. September lasts, the municipality had advertised the hospitality with food and beverage. Hohn, who is already active at the kitzingen wine festival, was awarded the contract.

Knaier also pointed out the program of the festival, which begins with the kirchweih party of the youth groups on friday evening. On saturday, the twelfth edition of the kirchweihlauf kicks off the sporting part, with children, young people and adults setting off on the course through the town from 2 p.M. Onwards. In the evening, the church fair tree will be erected at the mauritius church.

Eventful days

On sunday, there will first be a church service before the church fair market opens at 11 a.M. The market and sales booths are back in the town center, where an open sunday sale is also intended to attract visitors to the shops. On monday, there will be a children’s afternoon with reduced prices on the fairground in front of the steigerwaldhalle.

The burgerwehr moves out on tuesday for the finale. At 8 a.M., captain karl gropp is picked up, and at 9 a.M. The men in tails and top hats line up in front of schonborn’s castle.

The burgerschieben follows, at 18 o’clock is the move in, then award ceremony. Music and festivities on all days in the steigerwaldhalle.

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