The “foto-otto” in front of the camera

The ' foto-otto='

As a "foto-otto he is almost a legend: hans-gunther otto was on the road for decades as a reporter for the frankischer tag in the western district of erlangen-hochstadt. Now otto, who has photographed countless honors for the french day, was himself in the spotlight. The hubertus-schutzen of adelsdorf expressed their thanks and appreciation to their long-time member for 50 years of loyalty to the club.
In his vw-kafer or on his moped, hans-gunther otto once rushed from appointment to appointment on behalf of the french day. Until a serious traffic accident put an end to his work. Today he lives completely without a schedule and quite contentedly in the BRK home in etzelskirchen.
The 76-year-old has personally witnessed the development of photography. He had completed his training in two bamberger photographic companies and graduated as a master photographer.
When hans-gunther otto tells his story, the generation of digital photographers is inevitably amazed: in otto's teaching years, the shutter was still operated by means of a rubber ball. To get the black-and-white films onto paper, it sometimes took hours in the darkroom.
In the erlangen dental clinic, otto was even able to pursue "scientific photography" pursue.
He also remembers one of his most memorable experiences from that time. He was allowed to photograph identical quadruplets, which were indistinguishable from each other.
The FT reporter had the advantage of having served as a volunteer with the BRK. Because the accidents to which the photographer was called were sometimes very "bloody" ones matters.
Even today, he remembers a terrible traffic accident with a fatality that took place in his home town
the 1960s between hemhofen and rottenbach.

Joy and sorrow photographed

During his time at frankischer tag, the FT photographer has grown particularly fond of germany's rough tea factory in vestenbergsgreuth. For the late entrepreneur hans wedel, otto was not only the house and yard photographer, but almost a friend.
"I photographed joy and sorrow, otto remembers. As well as when hans wedel was buried and the then minister president gunther beckstein landed by helicopter on the vestenbergsgreuth sports field.
Born in egloffstein in french-speaking switzerland, otto grew up in adelsdorf with three siblings. He not only focused and shot with the camera, but also in the shooting club with air rifle and indoor rifle. His hubertus guardians have not forgotten him.
Although they have gross problems with the fact that the pushing sport today no longer has the attraction that it once possessed. The result is not only a decline in membership, but also a lack of motivation when the association calls for the commitment of its members.

Re-completing the board of directors was an item on the agenda at the general meeting of the hubertus guardianship association. At last year's annual general meeting, the positions of secretary and second sergeant-at-arms could not be filled.
In the meantime, the board of directors had obviously done some preparatory work. Under the leadership of mayor karsten fischkal () a typist was quickly found in martina glotz. The office of the second guardian was filled with thomas hummer. Treasurer klaus nowak was able to report a "nice profit" for the year 2011 of more than 1000 euro. Nowak explained that this made up for the loss in 2010. The number of members had shrunk from 86 to 80 during the period under review.
Chairman manfred rausch presented a detailed report to the only two dozen or so members present at the schutzenheim. The number of active members is getting smaller and smaller, rausch regretted.
In the best times, the club had 13 teams, currently only six. In the next year even these were no longer safe. Sooner or later it will no longer be possible to organize any events. Last year, the visit to the 100th anniversary of the friendship association in mittelbuchen had already fallen through due to insufficient participation. "This has had a lasting effect on our friendship", the chairman emphasized. The association also said goodbye to the community's vacation program last year.
The hubertus festival with a free meal had been a success "if you didn't have to drum up so much in advance", rausch was in the room. Which means that he has to run after the members to get them to participate. At the adelsdorf village festival, on the other hand, everything seemed to have worked out and, according to rausch, "something also stuck". Nevertheless the association could use further income well. Therefore it was voted in the meeting about a participation in the adelsdorfer christmas market.
Together with hans-gunther otto, manfred lamich was honored for 50 years of loyalty to the association.

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