The bookstore becomes a media center

The bookstore becomes a media center

Alexandra kemnitzer in the past, the municipal library had to move several times. Most recently, it was housed in rooms of the former frohnlach school. Currently, the construction work and conceptual preparations for a media center are underway. The community library is then an essential part and will inspire young and old with media.

The idea of a media house has been around for a long time, at least the relocation of the community library to more suitable premises. The plan to realize this in a central location as part of the urban redevelopment project in the west ultimately failed due to the real estate negotiations. Several transitional solutions brought certain constraints and were therefore not ideal. With the location at frohnberg 2, a former electrical shop, an acceptable object close to the center could be found, which also corresponds to the community slogan "in the middle of the action" fair. "The state office for public libraries has repeatedly pointed out in its visit reports that it would make sense to make changes", explains mayor bernd reisenweber. The expert committee recommended that the library be made more modern, that its content be realigned and its media technology expanded, and that opening hours be extended. This is exactly what is now planned in ebersdorf. "In the future we will offer books, audio books, cds, dvds, magazines and tonies for rent", heike kramer announces. For years, she has formed the bookstore team with the head of the community bookstore, jutta hopp, and has done the preliminary work with her.

In addition to the media expansion, the integration of the reading club – under the leadership of the community social pedagogue danica faber – has made a start on expanding the circle of users. A cooperation is also planned with the school’s lunchtime supervision.

In order for the media house to live up to its name, readings, lectures, book presentations and other small cultural events are to be held. The media house will be open on tuesdays and thursdays from 3 to 6 p.M. In addition to the two opening days, there will also be other events and activities. The official inauguration is for saturday, 7. December, envisaged.

In order to fill the building with life, the booking team wants to deepen or expand its contacts. Through a broad network of partners, further offerings for all generations are to be created. "We are planning a variety of events, such as crafts for children, travelogues for adults, but also activities for the world book day or the day of libraries", announces heike kramer. The media house can also be used as a meeting place for other libraries and the library service. "The aim is for our media center to become the focal point for literature and culture in the village", kramer continues.

Due to the financial situation of the municipality, possibilities had to be sought to realize the project. It was found in a lease-purchase. In this, the previous owners undertake to prepare the building in such a way that it meets the requirements of a media center. A few additional changes, for example in the entrance area or in the design of the terrace, will have to be shouldered by the community itself. The rental period is twelve years. Finally, a one-time payment is foreseen, which can be planned well. In this year’s budget, around 100,000 euros are available for library equipment and furnishings (75,000 euros), computer equipment and software, and media acquisition (26,000 euros). Requests have been submitted to the national office and the early acceptance was already approved in november of last year. The municipality received a total of 53,000 euros in funding, for which the decisions have now been received.

For the bookshop, the number of visitors is estimated at 4000. Cataloging currently underway. The media center will initially have more than 6,000 books and more than 1,000 audiovisual media available to young and old visitors. Another 1000 books can be stored in the basement.

The former electrical shop consisted of several separate rooms on the first floor. By roughly opening up the intermediate walls, a spatial compound is created. Naturally, the building will be technically and energetically renovated. In addition, barrier-free sanitary facilities will be built on the first floor.

Two meeting and seminar rooms will be created in the basement. Film and slide shows are also possible in one of them. There is room for up to 40 people. A terrace is to be created in the future children’s area so that people can also read outdoors. The entrance will receive a new vestibule with parking for baby carriages or walkers.

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