Tax advantages for house modernization in three of munnerstadt’s old town centers

Tax advantages for house modernization in three of Munnerstadt's old town centers

Residents of the inner villages of reichenbach, seubrigshausen and wermerichshausen can now claim considerable tax benefits when modernizing their properties. This is possible because the three town centers are now redevelopment areas. Almost all renovation and modernization work, such as the installation of new bathrooms and the like, can now be tax-deductible for the residents of the inner districts. For work on municipal buildings, there are grants of 50 percent on average, but this value varies.

Fabian noth (neue wege) and michael kastl (CSU) had submitted a corresponding motion for reichenbach, ulla muller (CSU) and michael kastl for seubrigshausen and wermerichshausen. The background, as michael kastl informed us in response to a question in our newspaper, was that extensive trenching work was pending in the three towns. "The aim is for the public and private sectors to work together." It had already been stipulated in these applications that – if coarser tree removals occur in other parts of the city – redevelopment areas should also be designated there.

In march 2017, the city council had decided to carry out the preparatory studies for the three city districts. "Those were three big chunks, said christiane wichmann from architektenburo perleth at the youngest city council meeting. She briefly presented the work carried out, which included, among other things, the inventory analysis and the assessment of urban planning deficiencies, unhealthy living and working conditions and, functional deficiencies. In addition, framework plans were drawn up for each of them.

The goals of urban redevelopment include preservation of the urban heritage, preservation of the townscape, adaptation of the local structure to the challenges of demographic change, modern repair and modernization of the houses and adjoining buildings, climate protection in existing buildings and "redensification through conversions of vacant buildings. This also includes the targeted gutting of houses that are not worth preserving, the improvement of living conditions, the enhancement of the design of public access areas, and the elimination of urban development problems.

The preparatory studies are the basis for the redevelopment area to be defined. These are the inner districts, said christiane wichmann. Settlement areas from the 1960s could not yet be included.

Homeowners in the designated redevelopment areas can now sign a modernization agreement with the city of munnerstadt and then deduct the work from their taxes, said michael kastl. With the approval resolution, applications can be submitted. "There’s a lot of work ahead for the city administration", he emphasized.

"I’m glad we’ve come this far; it’s a win and an enrichment for the neighborhoods.", said andreas tragner (freie wahler). However, there are also urban development problems in other parts of the city. The extent to which the designation of redevelopment areas can be extended to other parts of the city should be examined. "We discussed it and said that we would start with three districts first," said christiane wichmann from the architectural office, said burgermeister helmut blank (CSU). Christiane wichmann also warned that a negative decision could then also come from time to time.

Andreas tragner mentioned, among other things, the former fire station in burghausen, where there is a need for action. "We had received a letter from the top building authority", recalled michael kastl. In the report, the city was told that it only made sense to designate redevelopment areas where money was actually being spent. The city is not allowed to do this across the board for all locations.

With the upcoming decision, the residents of the three inner cities will have significant tax advantages, said leo pfennig (freie wahler). Others should also enjoy the benefits. The resolution was passed unanimously.

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