Start into the unknown: the newly founded women’s team of sv gifting

start into the unknown: the newly founded women's team of sv gifting

It is the last preparation game, which gives the ladies of SV gifting courage. A good three weeks ago, the district league team achieved a 1-1 draw at the district league team of SG neuses/gehulz. For the team of game manager eva zwosta the first small success in the still young history in gifting women’s soccer: "i was mega satisfied. In gehulz we fought really well." A first assessment before the newly formed gifting women’s team starts its first season on saturday.

The 20-year-old is one of the initiators who brought women’s soccer to gifting for the first time. But the starting point is about seven kilometers further west in welitsch. In the fall of 2017, she met a friend there at the men’s game with whom she had previously played together at SV rothenkirchen. Both agreed that they wanted to play soccer again, preferably close to home. "No problem, I can do it, said zwosta at the time and went in search of comrades-in-arms.

Newcomers and youth players

Zwosta found this for example in the youth of the SV rothenkirchen. Others have at least played on the school team before, but some are newcomers, explains zwosta. "We said to ourselves: ‘let’s just try it, train a bit and see if it works out’." While the team started with nine players, the squad grew to 18 before the start of the season, with an average age of just over 18 years.

Only one association was missing. The possecker found one in neighboring gifting. "A friend of mine and I often watched the men in gifting. Then we simply asked didi what the club thought of a women’s team.", tells zwosta. Dietmar neder is the first chairman of the SV gifting and was immediately behind the idea. He also offered his support in organizational matters, for example with player matches.

The young team trained two or three times during the preparation for the season. During this time eva zwosta was the trainer of the new team. But with her job as head of the F-youth team and her work as a cadastral technician, it all became a bit too much for her. She found a successor in lucienne preusger (35). "She was already active in the club and used to play soccer", explains zwosta.

Presented at sports festivals

On 30. June saw the premiere against league rival SG ludwigsstadt at the sports festival in steinbach am wald. There it set still a clear 1:6. A week later, a similar situation occurred at the home sports festival against the district league team TSSV furth am berg (2:9). But just a few days later, a 1-1 draw against SG neuses/gehulz was achieved.

"It got better and better in training, the players were more and more motivated. We’ll just see what happens this season. Of course we do not want to be shot down. But first we want to grow together as a team. Fixed goals will come only next season", says the director.

Saturday is the first league game against FC michelau II at 5 p.M. The people of giftingen seem to be eagerly awaiting the new team. "We hadn’t been training long before half the village knew about it, even though nothing was official yet, says zwosta. For the start of the season, she hopes that she and her team can match the performance of the last test match against SG neuses/gehulz: "we’ll have a hard time, but if we stick together and fight, we’ll be okay."

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