Schwarzach scouts celebrate 50. Birthday

Schwarzach scouts celebrate 50. Birthday

Several tribes from all over lower franconia met with the schwarzachers on the mainspitze near gerlachshausen. Pure fellowship experienced by a lot of "old hares and countless "young hoppers under the open sky. In the middle of it all, the former chairman of the tribe norbert lucas and wolfling leonie pohl (8).

Norbert lucas has been a member of the schwarzach scouts for 43 years, and he still puts his heart and soul into his work. "Everything has become a bit freer and girls have joined", he describes a change. The strict education of the past days has been replaced by an open attitude. "In the past everything was more regulated and today everything is more free and therefore more colorful", he says.

Lucas is convinced that scouting is good for everyone. "The young people can develop there very well." No wonder that his two sons are also members of the jubel tribe.
Phil (19) and theo (20) have been with the group from an early age. "The rough one protects the small one", norbert lucas draws a bow from the scout troop, which is valid all over the world, to his family. This pit, in which the thumb rests on the little finger, has a very special meaning for the father of two because theo is disabled. "He was accepted by the scouts from the beginning and is part of the group", lucas is pleased about the great community in which everyone supports each other. "I can even send theo alone with the other scouts on trips abroad", he reports. Lucas relies on the help and care of his fellow tribesmen.

While norbert lucas wipes the sweat off his forehead in the bright sunshine, leonie stretches her hand up into the air, beaming with joy. Your index and middle fingers are spread out. "The wolf is alert with both ears", she explains the pit of the wolflings. She has only been with the scouts for half a year, but she has learned the pit very quickly. A classmate encouraged her to try out for the scouts – with success. Their next goal is the scout neckerchief. In order to get it, she must solve several tasks.
Leonie really likes camp life, especially because it takes place in the great outdoors. "I've never been camping before, she confesses and is already looking forward to the games and workshops that take place on the camp grounds in the afternoon.
Fire making, water rockets, neckerchief knots, rope course and tree quiz are five of a total of 24 tasks that provide exciting entertainment among the several hundred scouts. But now leonie has to get her plate and cutlery, because the cooks of the BRK in kitzingen have called for a lunch with noodles and minced meat.
Sitting together, they review the events of sunday morning, when the scouts marched in procession to the parish church of stadtschwarzach, where father edmar greif from the abbey of munsterschwarzach celebrated the jubilee service. In the ceremonial speeches, the commitment of the scouts over five decades was particularly emphasized.

150,000 euros raised

Many hundreds of children and young people have been trained in the scouting system and are now "up to the task". The commitment of the georgs scouts to the sternsinger campaigns is hard to beat. Since 1962, the boys and girls have been running from door to door at the beginning of each year and have collected an impressive 150,000 euros. Mayor lothar nagel (FCW) was full of praise: "when we remember the sternsinger campaigns, lenten dinners and the participation of the scouts in various events, the work of the tribe was an important enrichment of community life." The municipality was happy to support the scouting education and the voluntary youth work done.
Wolfling leader daniela filbig is pleased about the recognition: "the children don't just play with us, they learn for life." That the jubilee is only a milestone in the history of the scouts, emphasizes chairman of the tribe jochen plietz with a view to the future: "also in the future we will continue to pursue the adventure of scouting with joy."

Leonie pohl and norbert lucas will also stay on board the adventurer ship. His own children are enough motivation for lucas to infect other group leaders. "Young plants need a good soil", female lucas. "They need to be protected, nurtured and cared for until they are so rough they can stand on their own." In this way you can help to leave the world a little better than you found it.

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