Rimini-cup in hausen: mexico is still the main attraction

Rimini-cup in hausen: mexico is still the main attraction

With the rimini cup taking place this weekend, crushed ice consumption in hausen near bad kissingen is once again increasing immensely. "The mexicans will consume more ice than the people of kissing during the whole "rakoczy-fest", says hausen’s chairman of the board wolfgang lutz. Because with the mexican U14 national team the probably most professional participant comes to hausen. And he wants to take an ice bath after every game. "But our supplier from schweinfurt can’t deliver that much. 150 kilos of ice were used per pool filling, i.E. 30 polystyrene boxes." Because it was just too much ice, wolfgang lutz has already talked to the mexicans. That’s probably why they only take the ice bath after every second game.

Professional conditions

"Mexico travels with a squad of 28 players and has, for example, its own video analyst who checks every training session", says lutz. The mexicans also have other demands; after all, they have a title to defend. "The turf on our training ground was too high, they didn’t want to train on it", says lutz. That’s why he organized together with the city another training ground for the national team.

Since sunday, the hard-working helpers around wolfgang lutz and alwin minnich, second chairman of the board of tsvgg hausen, have already been setting up the stadium. "Many take extra vacation and help the whole week", says lutz, who is responsible for the construction and logistics and is therefore very grateful for this support. 15 to 20 helpers set up during the day, even more come to work in the evening.

"There must then also be well divided, who does what, otherwise one is offended if he can do nothing." On sunday after the tournament the dismantling begins. FC copenhagen is a newcomer to the rimini cup. A number of selected players from the copenhagen region strengthen the team with which the FC wants to make its mark on the rimini cup. The FC zenit st. Petersburg comes already to the 13. Paint to hausen. FK austria vienna has also announced its coming. The team, which is coached by christoph glatzer and serdar robert, includes three players who are members of the current U15 national team.

National players can also be found in the bavarian national team. Roman reinelt, leon fust, niklas jessen and torben rhein are four U15 national team players from FC bayern. The team is coached by the association coaches hartmut herold and daniel jungwirth, who as a player has also played at the rimini cup. The 2017 finalist, hertha BSC berlin, comes to hausen with a stronger chest. Five players have taken part in the U15 national team’s training program this season.

Also the U15 player luis klein from the 1. FC kaiserslautern has made the jump to the junior national team. Kaiserslautern attaches great importance to young talent. And FC 05 schweinfurt won’t miss out on participating in the 2018 rimini cup either. The team wants to get through the group stage and compete with the "big teams" measure.

Defending champion is the favorite

"But the main attraction is still mexico", says lutz. For him, the mexicans are the favorite for the title. "What I have seen from them so far, I can say: they play in another league."

The groups will be drawn on friday evening and the tournament will start on saturday at 9 a.M.30 o’clock with the first preliminary match. On sunday, the tournament starts at 11 a.M., the final is around 4 p.M.50 o’clock scheduled. Admission is free on both days.

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