Rentei becomes communication center

Rentei becomes communication center

Mayor rainer detsch () was pleased at the meeting of the building committee to have received bids for all the trades put out to tender for the renovation of the rentei am bergwerksgelande. Work is scheduled to begin as early as july.

Planner jorg detsch from architekturburo 3 D detsch in kronach informed that the total price was about 3.8 percent below the estimated costs. He added, however, that this was not a new building, but a structure with its own character and difficulties: "we will have to expect surprises."

Contracts have been awarded for seven works with a total value of around 450,000 euros. Some bids showed a price difference of almost 50 percent between the cheapest and the most expensive one. For the interior structural work, the company eichhorn, ludwigsstadt, was awarded the contract for 230,000 euros. The structural work on the auben building goes to the company bau- service pfadenhauer, wilhelmsthal, for 75,000 euros. Scaffolding work carried out by walter ermler, coburg, for 12,000 euros. The roof (slate) covers "gluckauf dachdecker", sonneberg, for 43 000 euro. Carpentry and timber construction work awarded to bauer carpentry, burgkunstadt-neuses, for 35,000 euros. Plumbing work is carried out by "gluckauf dachdecker" for 9000 euro and steel construction work company korn from schmiedefeld for 54 000 euro.

The manor house will be converted into a cultural and meeting place, the total cost of which will amount to approximately 2.7 million euros, and the municipality will receive a grant of 90 percent of the costs incurred. The head of the town council estimates the community’s own contribution at 300,000 to 400,000 euros. Completion is scheduled for mid 2021.

For another important project, which has been on the agenda for over two years, the work has now been awarded to the company gala-bau jurgen wagner in hablach at a price of 37,000 euros. The schoolyard in stockheim will be completely redesigned.

For this, a design concept was presented to the council, in which, among others, the district advisor for horticulture and landscape conservation in the district of kronach, beate singhartinger, participated, as well as the school administration and teachers for pedagogical areas; the parents were also consulted on the topic.

Already with the beginning of the whitsun vacations on 11. Work by the building yard is to start in june. Kammerin eva schiebwohl informed with joy that already donations in height of 3000 euro were received. Those responsible are hoping for further donations for this project.

There are more than 80 children in the schoolyard every day and they want to have fun, but they also want to relax. Therefore, the design concept was developed close to nature, informed the mayor. Finally it came to the unanimous vote for the redesign according to the presented design concept.

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