Reichsburger trial georgensgmund: “pathetic and a disaster”

Reichsburger trial georgensgmund: 'pathetic and a disaster'

When the elevator door opens in courtroom 600, the defendant’s first steps are a bit bumpy. Accompanied by five officers of the law, wolfgang p stumbles. And stumbles towards the dock with a file folder. A brief smile and a chat with his lawyer, then the 49-year-old looks challengingly into the lenses of the television cameras. Despite being handcuffed and shackled, P., to be self-confident.
For the man from georgensgmund in central franconia, a lot is at stake this tuesday morning. P. Is accused of murder. He allegedly shot a 32-year-old SEK officer during a police operation in october 2016. Intentionally and by ambush, entrenched behind a corner of a wall in his house. From the prosecution’s point of view, P. As many officers as possible dead.

Defendant remains silent

At the start of the trial before the district court of nurnberg, the public interest is great. About 150 media representatives have accredited themselves, and many interested people have come. You want to hear what the bald man, whom the prosecution of the so-called "reichsburger"-movement, says about the accusations of crime. But P. Silence.
Instead, his lawyer talks. The amateurishly conducted operation in october 2016 was a "disaster" for the operation management, susanne koller grumbles even before the trial begins. He said his client could be seen at any time during the day at work or "with his sweatpants on the couch" encounter.
The ambush in the morning hours was unacceptable and "pathetic" been. "It was the attempt to tame a troublemaker."
But why does P. Eleven times on police officers standing in front of his apartment doorway? Your client felt threatened and therefore fetched the pistol, which he kept under his pillow. He did not recognize the police officers. "It was deafeningly loud." The shots were fired solely in self-defense, and he did not put on the protective vest until after the shots had been fired. "He is not well. He is deeply shocked by the death of the young officer."

Fear of criminals

Wolfgang p had also stood up to michael worthmuller. On the accusations of the crime. In court, the forensic psychiatrist says, P. Have of a threatening situation "as in the 3. World war II" spoken. "He reported loud screaming, a bright beam of light." Out of "fear of criminals" he had taken up arms. He did not recognize the police as such. "He said he did not want to kill anyone and could not explain why he panicked."
In general, he is interested in a "peaceful change" interested. The weapons were used solely for self-defense "because there are enough people who want to harm you."

Serious traffic accident

The defendant’s life has been a constant up and down to this day. His mother kills herself when the accused is seven months old. He grows up with the rude parents, fights his way more or less through the classrooms.
At some point, he successfully works as a property consultant. Fast cars, 30 employees: P. Enjoys life. A serious traffic accident in 2001 throws him off track. "An event with relevance, says worthmuller. P. Sustained severe head injuries. He is forced to give up his job as a financial advisor and receives a disability pension for many years. Because a court denies him the sometime again, he devotes himself to the self-defense art wing chun, also offers courses.
At the same time, he is increasingly concerned about the "strange things that are happening in the world". He researches on his own initiative, spends 5000 hours in front of the computer to date. Result: there is something wrong. P. He is more and more often in trouble with authorities. During the SEK operation on 18. In october, around 30 weapons were to be confiscated from him because he was no longer considered reliable.
Because the situation gets out of control on this autumn day, wolfgang P sits in a chair. In prison for almost ten months. He follows the start of his murder trial with interest, sometimes shaking his head or nodding his head in agreement.
A single time wolfang P. Still speaking on the first day of the trial. When the presiding judge tries to establish the defendant’s identity on the basis of his credentials, he interrupts her. "I am not that person. I am the free man wolfgang."

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