Prevention in focus

Prevention in focus

Two completely different groups of visitors within two days – young adults from the vocational high school in bamberg (BOS) and the confirmands of the pastoral area of maria im dreifrankenland with the parishes and associated branches schlusselfeld, aschbach, reichmannsdorf, elsendorf, wachenroth, breitenlohe, appenfelden and geiselwind – tested the flexibility and bandwidth of the prospective sociotherapeutic assistants (STA) of the laufer muhle these days.
Stalers, as they are called at the laufer muhle, are residents in therapy who are undergoing training in an IHK certificate course. Through the tours and information provided by the guests, they learn how to professionally inform people about addiction dangers, without the "christiane-F.-effect to achieve this without arousing curiosity about addictive substances.
Prevention is written large in the laufer muhle, but it must be carried out responsibly. This also means that the stallholders have to adapt to each target and age group and be able to answer the correspondingly different questions.

Discussion about drugs

While the mother and deacon hans scherbaum asked questions and the youngsters dealt with the subject of search, the students of the bamberger bos really got down to business. In line with the lifeworld of the boslers, the topics were risk-reduced handling of addictive substances, legalization, the various forms of addiction, the discussion of whether alcohol is a stronger drug than other drugs, and problematic consumption among friends. The main component of the prevention events are the so-called "addiction biographies", during which the residents of the laufer muhle talk about their own addiction history, but also about therapy and what they learn and experience at the laufer muhle in order to avoid becoming addicted again. The stalwarts found the discussions very enriching, because the questions asked by the participants always give them a new perspective on themselves and the consistently positive feedback gives them self-confidence. The main aim of the laufer muhle is that the participants as well as the stalers develop an awareness that you never know beforehand if you are ever in danger or at risk of falling down.

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