Women’s association asks for cake donations

The local association of the catholic german women’s association (KDFB) runs the annual "altstadtfest-cafe" at the herzogenaurach festival. The income from the sale of coffee and cakes enables the women’s association to care for other women, to show solidarity and to give help, according to a press release from the KDFB. At the annual general meeting, for example, a donation of 500 euros was made to the girls’ home in herzogenaurach. The local association donated a total of 2700 euros last year, among other things to the lions relief organization, to the herzogenaurach twin town of nova gradiska, to the parish, to tembladera/peru and to the friends of the nativity scene for the preservation of the parish nativity scene.

After the first call for donations of cakes last year, so many cakes arrived that they could be sold right up to the end, writes christina dabler. Even pastor helmut hetzel, who has once again put his beautiful parish garden at the disposal of the women’s association, has baked cakes.

The proceeds from the sale of cakes and coffee will be used again this year for aid projects such as the solidarity fund of the KDFB "women helping women" used. Poverty not only deprives people of the foundations for a quiet, peaceful life, it also threatens their very existence. And support is not only needed in the wider world; help is often needed right next door in herzogenaurach.


“A workable compromise”

When michael eckstein, chairman of the city youth council, thinks back to the past year, he remembers budget negotiations, discussions and performance agreements. As is well known, the city of coburg has cut services due to cost-cutting measures. "We have explained to each faction why this goes to our substance", said eckstein at the spring plenary meeting in the coje hall on monday evening. After all, thanks to the tough negotiations, the originally planned cancellation of funds in 2013 was reduced from 54,000 euros to 36,000 euros. "It's a workable compromise that we can live with", said eckstein.

Employees informed
Nonetheless, dismissals had to be pronounced, this concerned the two cleaners who were employed on a part-time basis. The work is now being done by a cleaning company. Furthermore, the janitorial hours were cut from 20 to 15 and the seasonal employee was only employed for six hours instead of nine. The administrative employee had also changed jobs after 16 years. After the legal blocking period, the position is to be filled for 1. July to be newly occupied.
According to third mayor hans-heinrich ulmann (CSB), the negotiations were fair. "It was always possible to have a constructive conversation." The executive committee of the city youth ring had drawn attention to the situation with numerous actions. After all, 3440 support postcards were handed over to the city council.
It was possible to secure important components, said the chairman. 180 children took part in the vacation program and a children's camp was organized. The juleika training course, which is to be offered again this year, was also a success.
Second chairman alexander muller praised all the staff who had supported the city youth council during the very difficult period. "They did not complain, they showed full commitment until the end and did not let us down." Muller describes the children's and youth festival youco, which will take place again this year, as a highlight.
Sebastian straubel informed about the "horsturz" project. Young people can create their own radio show once a month with their own themes and music tracks. As a rough success the businesswoman christine volker described the coje-cafe. This had visited around 3000 families. The cafe will continue to be open on fridays. Ronald friedrich announced that the city youth council is a member of the local alliance "coburg the family city." The family pass, according to friedrich, needs to become even more well known.
Reinhold ehl, head of the office for youth and family, informed about the overall concept of youth work. The CSB parliamentary group had submitted the application for this. Three workshops were held with professional support, the members of the city youth council received questionnaires. The short version of the concept is to be presented to the city council in the fall.


Dtm: green wins with mercedes at the norisring

Dtm: green wins with mercedes at the norisring

The street circuit of nurnberg is finally green’s home track in the german touring car masters (DTM) racing calendar: from 2008 to 2010, the briton won three times in a row, in 2011 he finished second.

"Luck was on my side today," said an overjoyed green. "My car just worked so well."It was like something out of the script of a movie, simply unbelievable," said mercedes motorsport boss norbert haug. "It’s a shame when you lose the race in the last round. That’s the worst thing that can happen," complained tomczyk.

With his fourth triumph, green prevented a double victory by ruckkehrer BMW. Because tomczyk from rosenheim and canadian bruno spengler were still leading until shortly before the end – then green overtook them with a furious final spurt in the 78th minute. Round. There had previously been numerous collisions on the rain-soaked track. Overall leader garry paffett (great britain) in the mercedes fell back to 19th place after the start, but still finished the race in fourth place.


The partnership needs young people

The partnership needs young people

The reunion is always warm when a delegation from the french twin town of stenay comes to munnerstadt. This is also no wonder. For the hosts buried old friends. Some of the acquaintances have lasted for decades now. Isabell itan and maria knauff first met about 40 years ago during a school exchange program. Isabell itan always enjoys coming to munnerstadt and has been a regular guest of the knauffs for many years.
25 guests from france came to munnerstadt – a little less than usual. But that is because there are still vacations in france, explains maria knauff. In addition, those who had registered had to cancel at short notice due to illness. But the german-french partnership between munnerstadt and stenay also has an age problem. Younger citizens from both cities are hardly involved in the partnership at all. This is apparent even in the fire department, monika petsch has noted. The fire departments on both sides have been a driving force behind the partnership from the very beginning, and this reciprocal visit is no exception. In order for the partnership to continue into the next generation, interested parties had to come together. "It was already, if again new people came", rosina eckert stated.
At a reception in the town hall, both 2. Mayor andreas tragner, as well as daniel leger, the partnership representative in stenay, the value of this friendship and its importance for the cities. Andreas tragner even spoke a short funeral sentence in french, which earned him special applause from the guests.
The hosts from munnerstadt spent the weekend together with their guests on a joint excursion to bad kissingen, but also privately with their families.


Bayreuth wants replay

Bayreuth wants replay

Medi trainer raoul korner loves to blow off steam at the press conference. He was angry with the referees aleksandar glisic (serbia), zafer yilmaz (turkey) and luka kardum (croatia), who often ruled against the bayreuth team. Korner did not even mention the many dubious foul decisions, but was only upset about a serious misjudgement by the referees in the final phase of the game.

This is how it happened: the bayreuth team had reduced a 24-point deficit to nine points (70:79) in the last quarter after a capital false start (6:24) with a rough energy performance. 1:23 minutes remained on the clock when raoul korner took a timeout. "I've given my team a game plan that starts on the right side of the field." But then the bayreuthers were not allowed to put the ball in from the side they wanted, only from the other side – a clear violation of the rules, korner scolded. "The players were naturally disorganized."

And when the medi coach vehemently complained about the violation of the rules, he was given a technical foul, strabburg received a free throw. "I have never experienced this in 20 years as a basketball coach. The referees don't know the rules, and I'm being punished for it. This is embarrassing", raged the austrian, who felt that this miscue deprived his team of the chance to perhaps win the game after all. Now he hopes FIBA will act after studying the video recording. Raoul korner even calls for a replay.


Spectators in indoor sports: professional clubs exert pressure on politicians

spectators in indoor sports: professional clubs exert pressure on politicians

After the amateur clubs in bavaria, led by the soccer clubs, had pressed hard – even threatening legal action – for a start to the season with spectators, the professional clubs of the indoor sports are now also putting pressure on the politicians.

While from the weekend 19. September 200 spectators are allowed indoors and 400 outdoors at the amateur level, professional sports are still waiting for political decisions a few weeks before the start of the season. In the handball bundesliga in particular, the time until the start of the season on 1. October.

The two french representatives, HC erlangen and HSC 2000 coburg, in particular still face a series of burocratic hurdles. On thursday evening, the two french rivals faced each other in a test match in the coburg HUK arena – erlangen retained the upper hand with 31:30. The plan was for both teams to test their mettle against SC dhfk leipzig, a team from the saxonian national league, on friday and saturday at the same venue. But both games were canceled, because a permit for preparatory games against non-bavarian teams on bavarian soil is still not available to the clubs.


Kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

Purely arithmetically the increase of the indebtedness still amounts to 28000 euro. But this should not remain so. The goal is zero. So no new debts. This is the result of the preliminary discussion of the 2018 county budget, which the county committee dealt with on monday.

District administrator klaus peter sollner () reported a "far above-average tax and apportionment power" in the circle. On the one hand, this is a good development, but on the other hand, the key allocations will be lower.

"Saved as much as possible", said

In the past years, the district had "saved money wherever possible". Now we have a financially sound situation, which should be used to further reduce debt and lower the county levy, which would benefit the municipalities.