Schwarzach scouts celebrate 50. Birthday

Schwarzach scouts celebrate 50. Birthday

Several tribes from all over lower franconia met with the schwarzachers on the mainspitze near gerlachshausen. Pure fellowship experienced by a lot of "old hares and countless "young hoppers under the open sky. In the middle of it all, the former chairman of the tribe norbert lucas and wolfling leonie pohl (8).

Norbert lucas has been a member of the schwarzach scouts for 43 years, and he still puts his heart and soul into his work. "Everything has become a bit freer and girls have joined", he describes a change. The strict education of the past days has been replaced by an open attitude. "In the past everything was more regulated and today everything is more free and therefore more colorful", he says.

Lucas is convinced that scouting is good for everyone. "The young people can develop there very well." No wonder that his two sons are also members of the jubel tribe.
Phil (19) and theo (20) have been with the group from an early age. "The rough one protects the small one", norbert lucas draws a bow from the scout troop, which is valid all over the world, to his family. This pit, in which the thumb rests on the little finger, has a very special meaning for the father of two because theo is disabled. "He was accepted by the scouts from the beginning and is part of the group", lucas is pleased about the great community in which everyone supports each other. "I can even send theo alone with the other scouts on trips abroad", he reports. Lucas relies on the help and care of his fellow tribesmen.


Baunach fear opponent comes

Baunach fear opponent comes

After the clear defeat in tubingen, the baunach young pikes are eager to make amends in front of their fans in the graf-stauffenberg-halle. Guest in the 2. Basketball league proa are on saturday at 7 pm the uni baskets paderborn, a team that you can safely call the fear opponent of the "young pike" can call.

Of eight matches against the team from north rhine-westphalia so far, the upper franconians have only been able to decide one game in their favor. At the end of february 2015, they left in the "blue" as winners from the parquet, but then lost the following six encounters. A constant for the guests is trainer and sports director uli naechster, who has been on the sidelines in all duels against paderborn so far. However, the uni baskets have not been able to maintain this consistency on the pitch in the current season. Almost the entire squad was newly assembled, so that the successful performance so far is a little surprising.

No chance in hamburg

Just like the baunach team, the guests have a balanced points account, and like the team of trainer felix czerny, the uni baskets also had to take a severe defeat last weekend after three wins in a row. After a balanced first quarter, they had no chance against the hamburg towers and lost 68:95. One reason for the clear defeat was certainly an unusually weak three-point quota (26 percent) for the guests. In their victories so far, the paderborn team has always been able to rely on their good guards grant benzinger and connor wood. Both have already converted 32 threes at a rate of 40 percent in the six matches so far and are the most dangerous point scorers alongside power forward matt klinewski and setter demetrius ward.


Munnerstadt retail park: new study, new result

munnerstadt retail park: new study, new result

"With the bus stop in coburger strabe and the 800-meter radius, the integrated situation is fulfilled from our point of view." Markus wotruba from BBE handelsberatung however, at the city council meeting, admitted: "it's not ideal." 2. Mayor norbert reiter (CSU) saw it differently. The integrated situation is currently not given, but could possibly be created.

A new insight
Markus wotruba presented the results of the alternative site assessment and the evidence of the integrated location for the specialist retail center to the city council members and guests. He also referred to the results of the gfk survey, which had concluded that this was not an integrated location in terms of urban development. This question plays an important role in the approvability of such a project. The opinion of the redevelopment officer dag schroder was also included.
Among other things, BBE handelsberatung had to examine whether the location met the criteria of an integrated location according to the 2013 state development plan (LEP) and whether (better) alternative locations were available. BBE was not entrusted with the assessment of the possible effects of the retail park on the businesses in the city center.

Purchasing power is fleeing
"After the closure of lidl, the positive retail centrality in the periodical sector (groceries) may also have fallen to a below-average level", said markus wotruba. In all other areas, it was already well below 100 percent anyway. 100 percent means that the purchasing power remains entirely in munnerstadt. If the percentage is higher, shoppers from other towns will also come, if it is lower, people from munnerstadt will go elsewhere. The main targets of the munnerstadt residents are bad neustadt, bad kissingen and schweinfurt.
According to wotruba, customers want small stores in the city center, as well as chain stores and specialist retailers. The minimum operating size for drugstores is 500 square meters, and such stores are only located directly next to food stores. For shoe and textile stores, the sales area is 400 square meters. In the search for alternative locations, BBE handelsberatung came to the conclusion that the schindberg commercial area was not an integrated location without potential for retail trade. In the commercial area "untere au" no free spaces can be activated in sufficient form and also at the railroad station there are not enough free spaces available.
In the commercial area meininger strabe, on the other hand, there are sufficient flat areas according to the LEP 2013, the location is integrated in terms of urban development. To underline this integration, markus wotruba placed a sheet with a map on it. He had drawn a circle with a radius of 800 meters around the possible shopping center. Within this circle lie the residential area zent and parts of the old town. In addition, the bus stop in coburger strabe provides a connection to the local public transport system.


Will employees have to work longer hours in the future??

Will employees have to work longer hours in the future??

Today's working day: answering the news while having breakfast, still having your cell phone on in the evening, and always being flexibly available on weekends. An eight-hour day is no longer appropriate in view of this practice – says the council of economic experts. The german council of economic experts calls for a change in the working hours act (arbeitszeitgesetz).

Until now, the law has stipulated that an employee may not normally work more than eight hours a day. In order to create more flexibility for the employer, these requirements are to be relaxed. "More flexible working hours are important for the competitiveness of german companies", christoph schmidt, chairman of the advisory board of the federal republic, tells "welt am sonntag" newspaper. "Companies that want to survive in our new digitalized world must be agile and able to assemble their teams quickly. The idea that you start your working day in the office in the morning and end it when you leave the company is outdated", according to schmidt.


Low point reached: pwc expects revival on europe’s auto market

Low point reached: pwc expects revival on europe's auto market

Pwc believes that germany can grow as a production location – even though german carmakers have been allowed to expand their production in asia much more vigorously than at home.

After many years of decline, around 12.1 million new cars will be registered in europe (EU, EFTA) this year, according to forecasts. 2019 sales to rise to 14.9 million vehicles, according to study. In the USA, he will increase from 15.4 to 16.7 million in the same period.

"The automotive markets of the western industrialized nations are largely saturated," kuhnert stressed. "The growth rates we are forecasting are primarily the result of a high replacement demand – especially in europe, car owners have been postponing a major new purchase due to the economic crisis."


In happy colors

In happy colors

The works of artists of erlanger lebenshilfe are often characterized by originality and special colorfulness. Her paintings were frequently shown in exhibitions. For the first time, the lebenshilfe artists are invited to show canvases in acrylic at eckental city hall. A premiere is also that they exhibit together with gerald leibl, whose creative work was particularly influenced by the artist oskar koller, it says in a press release of the lebenshilfe. Leibl, former rector of a forder center, has been leading the painting courses of the open work for the handicapped of the lebenshilfe erlangen since 2001.

Possibilities of development

"In my opinion, expressing oneself through painting has a high value for people with mental disabilities. It offers them opportunities for development", he emphasizes. All paintings are for sale – leibl donates the proceeds from the sale of his works completely to the open work with the handicapped. The exhibition "farb:erheiterung" (color:amusement) is from 8. January to 28. Marz on display in the town hall of eckental, rathausplatz 1 in eschenau. Opening hours: monday 8 to 12, tuesday 8 to 12 and 14 to 18, wednesday to friday 8 to 12. On 14. March there will be a finissage from 5 to 6 p.M


Club fans mobbed “kleeblatter

Club fans mobbed

Breach of the peace – sounds like masked left-wing extremists, squatters, and RAF sympathizers. But that is not what happened in this case. Maybe the representative of the juvenile court was right, who had repeatedly described what had happened between the train stations of hirschaid and forchheim as "adventurousness and a desire to impress" designated.

In any case, the three accused young men from forchheim have one thing in common – they are adherents of the 1. FC nurnberg. That was, after all, also the reason why they have now landed in front of the forchheim district court judge philipp fortsch. Because the three had arranged together with at least 15 like-minded people to "beat up kleeblatter".

For this purpose, they boarded a train in hirschaid, which was mainly filled with supporters of the spvgg greuther furth. The meanwhile hooded club fans stormed the train, roamed the compartments, harassed and injured – as far as they were supporters of the "weib-grunen" were identifiable – some passengers.


The kronach county bookstore is moving

the kronach county bookstore is moving

Until a few days ago, the first floor of the house with the number 9 in johann-knoch-gasse in kronach was a symbol for the decline of a rough drugstore chain. About a year ago, the schlecker market closed there. What remains is the checkout, the shelves – even the stand where customers used to be able to wrap their purchases in gift wrapping paper. But there is nothing left to pack.

In the meantime, life has returned. While the district bookstore at the school center is being renovated, it will move into the former schlecker store. Some rows of shelves are already filled with books, men carry box after box into the store, and rudolf pfadenhauer, manager of the kreisbucherei, discusses with his co-worker. She moves a shelf in front of the shop window. Pfadenhauer shakes his head: "there i wanted to have the view to drauben free. It's much more pleasant when it's light out."

In the past weeks he had to decide many things. "We had to remove several books because they were old or no longer in demand by our readers." Finally he has only 400 square meters of space – about a third less. The most popular books, currently regional crime novels, have nevertheless moved with them. Other things, such as karl may novels, had to make way for the most part.


Brose baskets sign alex renfroe

Brose baskets sign alex renfroe

The brose baskets have found a replacement for john goldsberry, who injured his knee again. Alex renfroe, a 26-year-old point guard, comes from spanish first division club valladolid, where he averaged 10.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists in 22 games. Renfroe has gained further experience in europe in brindisi, zagreb and riga. For zagreb and riga he was also active in the eurochallenge. In the NCAA, the american college league, he played for belmont university.

"We owe it to john goldsberry to give him the time to get fit", coach chris fleming stressed yesterday. The end of the changeover period in the bundesliga on 28. February forced the bamberger to act quickly, however, because goldsberry is in severe pain after a fall on his already damaged knee and is in danger of being out for a long time. "After the situation around john, who is an important factor for us, became acute at short notice and we cannot foresee how long he will be missing, we have secured ourselves by signing renfroe in good time before the end of the transfer period for the play-offs", brose baskets manager wolfgang heyder explains the follow-up commitment.

"Renfroe can set the scene well for his teammates, rebounds, plays good defense and has the 1-on-1 quickness that we sometimes lack a bit", fleming characterizes the new addition. Renfroe to wear brose jersey for first time in munich on sunday.


Nivea sales in emerging markets strengthen beiersdorf’s position

Nivea sales in emerging markets strengthen Beiersdorf's position

Beiersdorf’s bottom line was 153 million euros, almost a quarter more than in the previous year. For the year as a whole, the company aims to grow faster than the highly competitive cosmetics market with its skin care products (nivea, eucerin, la prairie) and to gain market share.

In contrast to nivea growth markets such as brazil, china or india, where double-digit growth was recorded, overall quarterly sales in europe declined by 1.2 percent. The company attributed this to the general reluctance to buy. In germany, the decline was as much as 1.8 percent. Beiersdorf had a good start to fiscal year 2013 overall, announced stefan heidenreich, ceo of beiersdorf ag. "We expanded our position in the growth regions and gained market share".

At the annual general meeting in mid-april in hamburg, the group CEO had already pointed out that the company expected only slight overall economic growth in the industrialized countries in 2013, but that dynamic economic development was anticipated in the developing countries and emerging markets. This is now reflected in the quarterly figures.