Once again it’s time for the post!

Once again it's time for the post!

On monday, 15. October, the post office opens a new branch in ebern. It is their fifth move in the city in 180 years. Actually, the story had to be told in the 17. The thurn und cabs post office, which had already existed in ebern since 1653, did not survive. "They loved the city soon and literally left" reports lipp, whose review is essentially based on the findings of postamtmann wilhelm steck in the "frankische postgeschichtsblattern" no. 34 of september 1982.

The young friedrich ruckert complained in a letter dated 25.9.1815 complained that" … We here in ebern … Have very bad post opportunity". He simply gave his many letters to the official post office of his father, the rentamtmanns. It was brought to baunach and gleuben every day, because the postal route at that time ran in the itzgrund and not in the baunach valley.

Konigl. Bayer. Postal expedition

in 1831, the merchant benedikt josef vergho bought the old lowen inn of ebern between the town hall and the grey tower. He loved to rub it down, rebuilt it and set up a store in it. Because he was now "on the main street lying localities and especially stables" and was considered a man of preferential qualifications, good reputation and wealth, he was appointed to the office of king in 1835. Bayer. Post expeditor's transfer.

He witnessed the introduction of the millwheel postmark in 1850. For ebern they first wore the number 62, then from 1856 the number 98. They were only in use until 1869 and are very sought after today, especially on actual used letters.

From 1837, vergho, whose family came from mendrisio in italian switzerland, was also given a post office stable in addition to the mail service. According to his service contract, he had to "provide at least six horses suitable for service and the necessary post office stables, as well as two post office coaches with lanterns, and at least one of them covered, …" Maintain.

Long journey

The journey from ebern to bamberg took seven hours and cost a simple 86 kreuzer, or about 22 euros! In 1854 the stagecoach service was discontinued again. In the same year, the people of ebern elected their postmaster to the city council.

From 1874, a post office stable was again established, this time diagonally opposite friedrich dein in the "grunen baum. At that time, it was mandatory that travelers be accommodated free of charge in a heatable place, day and night.

Standing proudly. Postholder and innkeeper" in the obituary when friedrich dein died in 1895. From the "green tree in the same year, the carriage service probably moved to the stately house of the heinert family at neubruckentorstrabe 2.

Eleven hours of service

In 1863, maximilian vergho was able to take over the weighty office from his father and then held it for 41 years! In 1898, the ebern post office was converted into a post office 3. Class transformed. The ebern district office insisted that the counter remain open until 8 p.M. And not close as early as 7 p.M. In the city, letters were delivered three times a day and parcels twice a day. The five postal assistants had eleven hours of duty.

In 1901 ernst dressel from habfurt became the successor to the two vergho. In the same year, the post office moved for the first time to the building at marktplatz 20, the so-called "enter house", which at that time belonged to the master tanner georg schmitt.

In 1906 ebern was supposed to get a public telephone station, but the space at the market place was too small for that. The new house of the master mason heinrich schmitt, which is about 10 years old and today has the number 33 and strangely belongs to the kapellenstrabe, offered itself for this purpose. Thus the post office was located outside the city, in front of the angertor, which annoyed the people of ebern. The citizens complained for a long time about the relocation, not only to the new post office expeditor gustav werner, but also to the ministry of transport, to the state parliament, and even to the king, or rather the prince regent, who was reigning at the time. It was of no use.

The first telephone conversations

Under post office expeditor gustav werner the telephone age began for ebern in 1907. The director and his two assistants had to look after a total of 15 participants. In 1925 the rooms in heinrich schmitt's house also became too small. After all, the post office now had three mid-level and five low-level employees. Official residences were needed. In 1925, with the support of the town, the post office bought land from the gall family of innkeepers for 4300 marks near the railroad station, i.E. Even further north. In former times, a guardhouse is said to have stood here, but it was torn down.

1926 the company anton schumm began with the tree inspections. 1928 the two buildings with the address bahnhofstrabe 6 and 6a were finished and the new, modern post office could be opened. It had, gertrud wild remembers, an "academic" status postmaster at the top. In 1935, he was responsible for a total of 27 offices in the surrounding towns and villages. Eduard steinmetz drove the mail in the district of ebern to them by car every day.

In 1939, after the outbreak of war, the postal workers also had telephone service at night. Since there was now a shortage of male postal workers, ebern became a branch post office of the bamberg post office under postal assistant hans muller. In 1945, the military administration appointed postmaster friedrich greb as head of the ebern post office, which was once again independent. It lost this status again in 1957. From then on, it remained definitively part of the bamberg post office.

The post office was a place of experience

"On the wall of the post office hangs an automatic machine. Here you can get out a ten penny stamp and postcards", wrote schoolmaster bartholomaus hafenecker in 1956 in an essay about the ebern post office, of which he himself certainly no longer knows anything. The post office was a place of experience where people waited patiently in line. There were telephone books of all ranges and special stamps, one listened to the clacking of the stamps and the noise from the telephone booths just to the right of the entrance; one watched the officials weighing and the spaniards transferring money, and paid oneself with the little blue book at the post office savings bank.
From 1959 onwards, the post office was remodeled several times under the leadership of friedrich klein. In 1968, the new counter hall was built between the two individual buildings, where there used to be a gateway, and the entrance, which had previously been on the north side, was moved to the west side. Like the operating rooms, the counter hall was now coarser and brighter.

In 1969, postmaster general josef waas became the new head of operations and remained so until 1994. At the end of 2003, the official service was closed down. "Relatively quietly", the newspaper said. The traditional ebern post office had arrived at its fifth station, was now a niche and a branch in the "tegut".

Signatures collected

The people of ebern protested again: at the end of 2003, the ebern tourism and advertising association under heinz dietz collected 2248 signatures for the relocation of the branch to the old post office. Bundestag vice president susanne kastner also campaigned for the old post office, but again in vain. Post AG justified the relocation with the desire to run the branch network economically. That is, they wanted to save on staff by closing all their own branches and take over their services from supermarkets, lottery stores, gas stations, bakeries and the like dear. For the customers, the post office in the "tegut" meant even cheaper parking and longer opening hours. The staff here was also friendly and discreet.

But then came the news in august 2012 that tegut was to close its branch in ebern. The edeka aktiv store was too close for comfort. After nine years, this also meant the end of the post office to which people had become accustomed. Once again, the service provider with the black horn in ebern is relocating. From monday, 15. October, he is in an adjoining room of the "mandrops" company. "Bahnhofstrabe 17" now the address. The people of ebern have to get used to a new post office branch. But they are used to that by now.

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