No joint prayers for the time being

Muslims and jehovah’s witnesses also have to forego their joint rituals for the time being. "Everyone can say the five prayers every day for themselves, but everyone usually comes together for friday prayers", says adem elkol, spokesman for the mosque tettau ulu camii. Friday for muslims is the same as sunday for christians. The ditib central mosque in koln and the turkish consulate general in nurnberg have decided that friday prayers will not be held in the next few weeks.

There is also a restriction on funerals. "Normally the body was always flown to turkey with an escort, at the moment no escort is allowed."

All meetings of jehovah’s witnesses were canceled. "We can instead watch recordings of church services provided centrally", reports matthias kurfels, press spokesman and chairman of the jehovah’s witnesses assembly kronach. Church services are re-recorded every week and made available on the internet. "This possibility has existed for quite a long time and was aimed more at people who can not attend the services in person, for example, because of illness."

In addition, the members connect via video conferencing. "We can still see each other and talk about our beliefs.

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