Munnerstadt retail park: new study, new result

munnerstadt retail park: new study, new result

"With the bus stop in coburger strabe and the 800-meter radius, the integrated situation is fulfilled from our point of view." Markus wotruba from BBE handelsberatung however, at the city council meeting, admitted: "it's not ideal." 2. Mayor norbert reiter (CSU) saw it differently. The integrated situation is currently not given, but could possibly be created.

A new insight
Markus wotruba presented the results of the alternative site assessment and the evidence of the integrated location for the specialist retail center to the city council members and guests. He also referred to the results of the gfk survey, which had concluded that this was not an integrated location in terms of urban development. This question plays an important role in the approvability of such a project. The opinion of the redevelopment officer dag schroder was also included.
Among other things, BBE handelsberatung had to examine whether the location met the criteria of an integrated location according to the 2013 state development plan (LEP) and whether (better) alternative locations were available. BBE was not entrusted with the assessment of the possible effects of the retail park on the businesses in the city center.

Purchasing power is fleeing
"After the closure of lidl, the positive retail centrality in the periodical sector (groceries) may also have fallen to a below-average level", said markus wotruba. In all other areas, it was already well below 100 percent anyway. 100 percent means that the purchasing power remains entirely in munnerstadt. If the percentage is higher, shoppers from other towns will also come, if it is lower, people from munnerstadt will go elsewhere. The main targets of the munnerstadt residents are bad neustadt, bad kissingen and schweinfurt.
According to wotruba, customers want small stores in the city center, as well as chain stores and specialist retailers. The minimum operating size for drugstores is 500 square meters, and such stores are only located directly next to food stores. For shoe and textile stores, the sales area is 400 square meters. In the search for alternative locations, BBE handelsberatung came to the conclusion that the schindberg commercial area was not an integrated location without potential for retail trade. In the commercial area "untere au" no free spaces can be activated in sufficient form and also at the railroad station there are not enough free spaces available.
In the commercial area meininger strabe, on the other hand, there are sufficient flat areas according to the LEP 2013, the location is integrated in terms of urban development. To underline this integration, markus wotruba placed a sheet with a map on it. He had drawn a circle with a radius of 800 meters around the possible shopping center. Within this circle lie the residential area zent and parts of the old town. In addition, the bus stop in coburger strabe provides a connection to the local public transport system.

Improvements possible
After preliminary discussions with the city administration, he also pointed out possibilities for improving the integration of the city's urban development. This would be possible by extending the fub/bike path parallel to the B 287, by constructing such a path east of the road, by connecting the residential area zent by two possible path variants and by a lane divider (traffic island) at the entrance to the town. In addition, a bus stop was created at the retail park.
In conclusion, markus wotruba cited the high outflow of purchasing power and recommended the planned relocation of lidl. The establishment of a drugstore is recommended by all sides, but is only realistic in connection with a food market. This would only be possible at the planned location. The deficiencies mentioned by gfk and dag schroder could be remedied by the creation of a new bicycle path and a bus stop.
However, the impact of the center on the city center has not yet been investigated, says markus wotruba. This analysis must be carried out before the location is chosen. The lidl would be a re-establishment, the beverage market a relocation. And the drugstore was missing altogether. All other assortments had to be critically examined. He was not aware that a burger drugstore would be opening on anger in the near future. After an extensive discussion (see below), 2. Mayor norbert reiter gave a different summary, speaking of an abstract radius that had been drawn. He had a conversation the same day with representatives of the government of lower franconia. According to the study, the planned specialty store center is currently not an integrated location in terms of urban development. "It is conceivable that we create an integrated location." This could possibly be achieved by the construction of a footpath. We had to talk to the people in charge of local public transport so that the retail park would be served by scheduled buses. In addition, talks are needed with the tramway authority regarding the traffic island at the entrance to the town.
The final decision on whether or not to integrate the site lies with the authorities of the government of lower franconia. Their statement is on the right.

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