Media terminals in the salt house in mellrichstadt

Media terminals in the salt house in mellrichstadt

In a flash, a group of lively girls and boys turns into quiet schoolchildren: this is what happened in the summer of 2010, when six short films were made with elementary school students from mellrichstadt at the heimatmuseum salzhaus in mellrichstadt under the direction of the wurzburg-based kulturburo frankonzept. They show the "hardest work of the housewife" with museum director rudolf mauder and the children, washing as it was in the days of the great-grandmothers, informing about old craft techniques such as woodturning and presenting lessons with the village schoolmaster "with quill and cane" – in the time around 1935. Now the short films – each between five and twelve minutes long – can be viewed at the touch of a button on media terminals in the salt house.

Mayor eberhard streit was impressed when he first saw it. "I am thrilled with the creativity and commitment with which the children present the participatory activities together with rudolf mauder", he said after a tour of the museum. The innovative concept of short films makes the salt house much more a place of life and experience for visitors of all ages. "It is said that science explains the world, but it is easier to do so with words, images and sounds.", promises museum director mauder.

The film sequences offer educational information about the museum facilities and interesting background knowledge. It’s the children’s activities and the details that are so captivating, surprising and curious. The ease of use of the new stations will particularly attract schoolchildren and provide them with valuable insights while watching the films.

"I am very pleased that the important and valuable didactic films are now permanently available", said museum director rudolf mauder at the handover of the media stations. "They fit perfectly into the overall concept of our museum. We want to convey a sense of the other in the past," says museum director, so mauder. The aim is not to show an idyll, but rather the life of past generations with all its dark sides. The past should become tangible, not obscured.

The salzhaus is open on saturday from 2 to 4 p.M. And on sunday from 11 a.M. To 12 p.M.

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