Kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

Purely arithmetically the increase of the indebtedness still amounts to 28000 euro. But this should not remain so. The goal is zero. So no new debts. This is the result of the preliminary discussion of the 2018 county budget, which the county committee dealt with on monday.

District administrator klaus peter sollner () reported a "far above-average tax and apportionment power" in the circle. On the one hand, this is a good development, but on the other hand, the key allocations will be lower.

"Saved as much as possible", said

In the past years, the district had "saved money wherever possible". Now we have a financially sound situation, which should be used to further reduce debt and lower the county levy, which would benefit the municipalities.

Chamberman rainer dippold presented the figures: the 2018 administrative budget amounts to 73.74 million euros (+2.7 percent compared to 2017), for the property budget it is 8.76 million euros (-3.1 percent). The transfer from the administrative to the property budget amounts to 3.72 million euros. In total, the budget has a volume of 82.49 million euros (+2.0 percent).

On the whole, the members of the county committee were satisfied with the figures. Claus gumprecht (grune), however, would have preferred it if the county saved more. "There are no restitutions anywhere." His proposal: limit the budget volume to the level of 2016, save the rest and use it to pay off debts or put it aside for new projects (connection to the transport association grobraum nurnberg, VGN).

That this is not practicable was made clear to him by district administrator sollner. Regarding the negotiations with the VGN, he stated that the funds earmarked for this purpose for 2018 will be sufficient. "In the following years, things will certainly look different."

He went on to say: "if we have higher revenues, we will also have higher expenditures, for example in the district levy." Moreover, there are factors such as youth and social welfare and the asylum sector over which the district has no influence.

He received support from the mayor of kulmbach, henry schramm (CSU). "If you now have some financial freedom, for example to do something for the schools, that’s a positive thing." He found the draft budget to be good.

Wolfgang hoderlein (SPD) considered a formulation in the budget to be "oracular", after the government had suggested an even further reduction in the borrowing requirement.

Chamberman rainer dippold saw no problem in this, especially since the budget "is supported by a consolidation". And county administrator sollner referred to savings measures already initiated last year.

Veit pohlmann (FDP) took exception to the planned borrowing of 28,000 euros. He would like to see a zero here. "We had to manage that."

The chances of this happening are not bad, as gerhard schneider (CSU) also considered this to be an achievable goal.

The 2018 county budget is expected to be approved on 13 december. April passed.

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