Israel clears outposts in the west bank

Israel clears outposts in the west bank

Only one of the last 18 families refused to leave their homes voluntarily on thursday, a reporter told the "jerusalem post" newspaper.The family was carried out into the open by security forces without resistance. The settlers thus complied with a decision of the supreme court, reluctantly but mainly voluntarily.

Many of the settlers wore black shirts with the words "ulpana neighborhood, we’ll be back" printed on them. Security forces, according to media information, also took out some extremist settlers who did not live there, but had broken into an apartment that had already been vacated.

The judiciary had ordered the demolition, by july 1, of five multi-family houses built without building permits on private palastinian land in the outpost of the settlement of beit el, givat ha-ulpana. July. Fears of more violent incidents did not materialize, as they did during the departure of the first 15 families on tuesday. This was achieved by prime minister benjamin netanyahu, who promised to build 300 new apartments in existing settlements to replace the 30 apartments in the outpost.

Majority of international community members consider all israeli settlements in occupied west bank and east arab part of jerusalem illegal. From critics’ point of view, they also jeopardize the two-state solution to the israeli-palestinian conflict.

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