India has more than 5 million corona trap

India has more than 5 million corona trap

India is the second country after the USA to have recorded more than five million known corona infections. In absolute terms, the number of known new infections in the sudasian nation has been rising faster than in any other country for weeks now.

In the past 24 hours, more than 90.000 new cases, around 600 in the past week.000, as official figures show. Also, unlike the U.S., which has the most known cases at 6.6 million, there is no evidence of a flattening of the curve.

Given the rapid spread of corona in india, local media in several regions had reported a shortage of medical oxygen for patients.

Some are said to have died as a result. Although oxygen producers had quadrupled their production in the past six months – from around 750 tons a day to 3,000 tons, the indian industrial gases manufacturers association told CNBC-TV18.

Nevertheless, the increased demand could not be met. In the southern state of karnataka, doctors had called for a price freeze to ensure the treatment of covid patients in the face of rising oxygen prices, as reported by the television station NDTV.

Despite the rapid spread of the pandemic, the government is loosening its corona restrictions in an attempt to get the economy moving again. Because of a once-strict lockdown, the country’s economic output has plummeted, millions of people have lost their jobs, and many have feared starvation. The virus has now reached the countryside, where health care is particularly poor.

India so far recorded the third most people who have died in connection with covid-19 – specifically, more than 82.000. In terms of population, this is less than in other countries.

The low death rate could be due to india’s particularly young population. However, many experts believe that many deaths do not appear in the official statistics. The country is now generally testing more for corona than before, but per capita testing in the country of 1.3 billion is still significantly lower than in many other countries.

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