In neustadt, families can find advice on parenting issues

In neustadt, families can find advice on parenting issues

The coburg region has long presented itself as family-friendly. Whether through the "family policy guidelines, the "family office" staff unit, the establishment of local alliances for families, the parental talk project, the introduction of the family card, and welcome bags for all newborns. In this respect, it was a matter of course for the district, said district administrator michael busch yesterday, to apply for a demand program of the bavarian state government, which wanted to structurally develop family education in the municipalities and to establish so-called "family support points" for this purpose establish so-called "family support points".

At the family center of the city of neustadt bei coburg and at the multigenerational house of the awo in bad rodach, ministerial council robert hocherl of the state ministry for family, work and social affairs was able to open the first two of these facilities in the region on monday. According to hocherl, a "good day for families in the district", the new support points should help to strengthen the educational competence of the parents through voluntary offers. For in the field of education, the state government has not only been making a great deal of effort since the discussion about the so-called "helicopter parents", but also in the field of childcare deficits identified. Courses and events that reach parents where they need them are intended to provide a remedy. "Anyone who has a child has other things to do than attend a six-week course!" With these words, hocherl defended the concept against calls for a "parent driver’s license".

City has always been family-friendly

It was not by chance that neustadt was chosen as the first location: family-friendliness has not been a foreign concept there for a long time: not only does the infrastructure with favorable building land, childcare places in seven kindergartens and an after-school care center, as well as the choice between all types of schools, meet the needs of families. A "network for children, young people and families" was founded here at the end of 2005 from professionals who work professionally with these target groups. The goal: all those involved should network better, exchange ideas and jointly develop strategies to further improve the situation of families in neustadt. A "family representative" has been in charge since 2014 around the interfaces between politics and family.

For ten years, the centrally located "family center" has been a contact point for social concerns and a central meeting place at schutzenplatz, which provides the municipality with more than 300.000 euros worth of budgetary resources. The center’s goals are prevention, integration, self-help, counseling and education. For this, specialized personnel and multifunctional, well-equipped rooms on 900 square meters offer the best conditions. Low-threshold services such as counseling of all kinds (provided by 14 specialized services alone), information and education services, and open meetings are intended to make it easier for families, young people, and seniors to get in touch with the city. Integration work is a key focus. Better compatibility of family and work calls for continuous and flexible vacation care for elementary school children (with the exception of the christmas period).

"Through the appointment as a "family support point we feel strengthened in the work of the family center", said the second mayor elke protzmann (CSU) at the funeral. From birth to care, they point out, the citizens of burgen could get advice here. The new label spurs those responsible on to constantly update their concept. According to director ines forster, services such as the parent forum, parent-child cafe and parent care in the family center are to be expanded, and new parent talks are to be established in neustadt. In addition, there are plans to transfer the concept of the german-turkish mother-child groups to refugees, especially those from the arab world.

The guest from munich also praised the "great performance" of the family center, which is now to be continued as a new mainstay. By the end of the year, hocherl hoped, 40 of the 96 counties would participate in the project. 140 locations are already in place, with "more than half of all births in one year" have been achieved. "We want to establish 600 to 800 family support points in bavaria", according to the minister. 2.5 million euros in "fresh money" for this low-threshold demand program, the current state budget provides for. According to the coordinator in charge at the coburg district office, jurgen forscht, the district has an annual budget of approximately 30.000 euros per year for the project. Based on birth rates in the previous year, the bavarian state now pays 30 euros per newborn (initially 40 euros).

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