Herbert krause celebrated his 90th birthday.

Herbert Krause celebrated his 90th birthday.

Numerous congratulators and many congratulations for herbert krause from neuenreuth on his 90th birthday. Birthday. Herbert krause was born and grew up in schonfeld in the breslau district of silesia. He served in the war and was imprisoned in what was then czechoslovakia, from which he was released in 1948. The search for his family took him to neuenreuth (today’s market town of mainleus), where he met his wife and married her in 1951.

Together with his wife, he had daughter adelheid and son karlheinz, and later four grandchildren and one great-granddaughter. As a widower, he married his second wife stephanie, who enriched the family with three more children from his first marriage.

The jubilarian was very involved in the fire department in his younger years. He blew the horn for the fire department to call out the floriansjunger, because there was no other alarm system. He is also a long-standing member of the local veterans’ association and the singing club eintracht prob.

Herbert krause accompanied until recently all excursions of the associations and could visit the festivals and events of these associations. He enjoyed – as long as mobility permitted – trips with his wife in the car for coffee in the counties of kulmbach and lichtenfels.

Before his home town of neuenreuth joined the peesten water supply group, neuenreuth had its own spring with wustenbuchau. At that time, the water was pumped into the existing water reservoir two to three times a month by means of a pump. Herbert krause was also responsible as treasurer for this water supply.

Among the congratulators on the day of honor were herbert krause’s family members as well as representatives of the prob fire department, the eintracht prob singing club, the prob and surrounding area warriors and military association, and the kulmbach-kronach savings bank.

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