Great days with the kaulhazn come to weismain

great days with the kaulhazn come to weismain

Spatestens since the light fair in weismain, the carnival season is approaching. Colorful fabric garlands are strung across the street and at the town hall is drawn attention to the foolish days and the kaulhazn carnival. The carnival committee with oberkaulhaz "till" franz besold at the helm and the city of weismain with andrea goldner and their comrades-in-arms are fully involved in the planning for the carnival season.

The high point will be when homegrown "till" franz besold gets into the butt and gives the people and the politicians a piece of his mind. The gaudiwurm will again on carnival sunday, 23. February, at 13 o’clock in the hafnergasse to the departure line up.

Sweets and other sub stuff

There the floats with subem "throwing" material supplied. At 13.30 o’clock the carnival procession starts in the direction of the market place. After the speeches the procession continues towards the town hall, where the procession ends. The fruit and horticulture association weismain offers coffee and cake. For children there are again free of charge a few wienerle. In order to celebrate in the city center afterwards, the market place will be closed to traffic until 9 a.M. On monday morning.

No plastic

Only clubs that participate in the gaudiwurm are allowed to offer drinks and food. Each association needs a license, which is issued by the town hall office. For safety reasons, only disposable tableware may be used.

The storming of the town hall starts on thursday, 20. February, at 17.17 o’clock. The people are invited to celebrate with the women the conquest of the town hall and then parade through the crowded taverns.

On friday 21. February, the traditional gymnastics carnival will take place from 20.30 o’clock at the weismain town hall. In addition to numerous interludes, the first performance of the weismain princes’ guard can be experienced. The popular "edelweiss" party band will provide the atmosphere worries.

In the cellar of the town hall

On saturday, 22. February, begins in the rathauskeller at 19.7 p.M. The popular "kaulhazn fever. The cellar is open from 18.30 o’clock. Fools can look forward to a varied program again. Those who would like to get into the butt or have a funny contribution to offer in this unique ambience, can still contact andrea goldner at the

Report to tourism office. You have to take care of your own lunch, admission is free of charge. On carnival tuesday, 13. February, the young fools are invited from 14 to 17 o’clock to the children’s carnival in the kolpinghaus.

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