Five stars for sauna land

Five stars for sauna land

Matthias einwag the obermain spa has reason to celebrate. For the fourth time in a row, sauna-land has been awarded the "premium" quality seal by the german sauna association awarded with five stars.

With this certification, the german sauna association would like to offer its guests more security and a better orientation on the market. Over 150 farms are currently awarded one of the three quality seals of the association. The quality system is comparable to the well-known stars in hotels. It consists of three categories: classic, selection and premium. "The categories should not be seen hierarchically. Rather, they build on each other and are each linked to a precisely defined offer. In this way, small, medium and large plants can be awarded without being directly compared to each other", rolf pieper, the managing director of the german sauna association, explains the basic idea.

Which criteria are evaluated

The offers of a "premium the sauna facilities must be so varied that they invite visitors to linger for a long time. Several sauna and warm air rooms as well as at least one sauna in the outdoor area as well as cooling facilities and a bathing pool must be available. Wellness services – such as different types of massage and/or beauty care as well as exercise classes – are also part of the premium offer. The infusions are to be presented health-oriented and with a good wagging technique. In addition, hygiene is a quality criterion. The water quality of the bathing and diving pools must be examined regularly. All award-winning sauna facilities must also have employed trained specialist staff.

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