Father lukas elected provincial

father lukas elected provincial

Father lukas schmidkunz OSA, who also spent several years in munnerstadt, was ordained a priest on the 23rd. April at the ordinary provincial chapter of the bavarian-german province of the augustinians elected new provincial for the following four years. Father lukas will finish his term on 10. June.

P. Lukas schmidkunz OSA was elected on 20.Born in fuchsmuhl in the upper palatinate in february 1962. He attended the augustinus grammar school in weiden in the upper palatinate and during this time was a pupil at the augustin seminary there.

After his novitiate in munnerstadt, which ended with his first profession on 26. September 1982, he began studying theology at the julius maximilians university in wurzburg, graduating in 1988. On 29. November 1986 he made his solemn profession in wurzburg.

He was ordained priest on 13. May 1989 consecrated in the seminary and monastery church in weiden.

Chaplain in munnerstadt

After his chaplaincy in munnerstadt, he became pastor of the parishes of hausen and erbshausen-sulzwiesen in the fahrbruck parish association in the wurzburg diocese in 1991.

After taking over the leadership of the parish association in 1995, father lucas began an intensive phase of additional training, mainly in management and organization.

From 1999 he was then entrusted with the formation and development of the germershausen parish association in the diozese of hildesheim.

Only four years later, he was appointed director of the education authority there. Martin appointed.

During this time, father lukas acquired further professional qualifications through his training as a coach and then as a systemic organizational consultant and developer.

Until his first election to the provincial council of the augustinian province in 2007, he was also active in parish counseling and as a coach for full-time and volunteer staff in parish and leadership ministries of the diocese of hildesheim.

At the provincial chapter of 2011, he was elected provincial secretary by the friars of the order, and at the provincial chapter of 2015, he was confirmed in this office for another four years. Since 2011, he has also been a member of the pastoral team at the augustinerkirche in wurzburg, where he is recognized for his lively language and the services he conducts.

Prior and procurator

In addition to his work as provincial secretary, father lukas was responsible for the economic affairs of the augustinian convent in wurzburg as procurator from 2011 to 2015. In 2015 he was elected prior of the convent st. Augustin and st. Thomas in wurzburg.

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