Eggolsheim wants to make its meadows more attractive

Eggolsheim wants to make its meadows more attractive

In july, the market town councils in eggolsheim approved the core path concept of the regnitz-aisch alliance, and now it is slowly being implemented. The administration, together with the farmers, examined which paths and connections are actually needed as a network of core paths.

Since these core paths with a width of at least 3.50 meters need an asphalt surface and a drainage ditch, the flat ones must be owned by the municipality. Therefore, the rehabilitation of four core paths is planned first: from untersturmig to schirnaidl,a north of eggolsheim, southeast of schirnaidl and north of bammersdorf.

"We will discuss each individual route in detail in the market town council", mayor claus schwarzmann pointed out that land acquisition will still be necessary for the roads now under consideration. The decision of the council, despite one vote against, paves the way for the initiation of the process of rural development and the necessary application to the office of rural development, which will eventually provide the funds for this purpose.

Eggolsheim wants to purchase defibrillators already in may the market town council of eggolsheim had suggested to purchase defibrillators for the public space. The administration informed itself about which types are reliable and suitable.

Mayor claus schwarzmann mentioned the railroad station and the. The lindnergebaude, the eggerbachhalle, the VR-bank branch in eggolsheim, but also the edeka market in eggolsheim and possible locations in the individual districts.

Since the defibrillators are to be financed to a large extent by donations, the market community would only be the operator, explained schwarzmann. In response, peter eismann (CSU) wanted to know how often these devices had to be maintained and thus how much they cost to maintain.

Since the batteries and adhesive electrodes only have to be replaced every four to five years, each defibrillator cost the municipality between 200 and 220 euros during this period, assured andreas reisch, the local "helfer vor ort" (helper on the spot) spokesman.

"The most important thing in an emergency is cardiopulmonary resuscitation", gave dr. Hans-jurgen dittmann to consider. He pleaded for an infoabed to present these defibrillators: "the human being has to be informed beforehand, so that he has his knowledge as potential and can use it."

Two defibrillators also to be purchased at the expense of the municipality, advocated market town councillor monika dittmann (BB).

Bike path becomes more and more expensive

Cycle path along eggolsheimer bahnhofstrabe became significantly more expensive than planned. Already in december 2017 and in january 2018, the market town councils approved a total of 142,850 euros more for this tree removal. Now hans-jurgen sauer of the engineering office sauer + harrer announced further additional costs in the current amount of 103 708 euro.

These costs were partly caused by the clearing of around 300 rootstocks. In addition, more soil had to be loosened, transported, disposed of and installed than had been planned. Instead of the planned 350,000 euros, the market community now has to raise around half a million euros, according to mayor schwarzmann, as the additional costs are not eligible for funding. As a matter of principle, such costs have to be announced in advance, the mayor complained: "only then may construction be carried out." He asked the engineering office to submit future supplements in a timely manner.

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