Drug addiction puts young mother behind bars

drug addiction puts young mother behind bars

Because she was massively in the drug scene on the move, a 29-year-old woman from the county for two years and eight months in prison must. The court of offences, presided over by nicole allstadt, convicted them of, among other things, acquiring and defrauding, as well as aiding and abetting the trafficking of crystal, in each case in several cases and in each case in no small quantity.

Shaken by wine cramps

The case also involves the revocation of a two-year suspended sentence to which the woman was sentenced by the wunsiedel district court in march 2019, also for various drug-related offenses.

The defendant, who is now clean and has managed to get her life back on track and is the mother of a one-year-old child, had not expected this. At the beginning of the assessment interview, she was on the verge of collapse, shaken by violent crying fits. Judge allstadt had to interrupt while her preservation aide and defense attorney hilmar lampert grieved for the 29-year-old.

Drugs as wages

The woman had acquired in 2019 in numerous cases in each case smaller quantities crystal. In addition, she had initiated and supervised a number of rough transactions with crystal between a czech supplier and a 42-year-old office employee from kulmbach. As a reward, they each received a small amount of it. The defendant admitted in her interrogation that she had established some contacts within the scene in kulmbach.

However, in terms of quantity, the events that were introduced by the woman really got down to business. Once it was crystal for about 1000 euros, a second time for 1500 euros. The transfers took place once on the parking lot at the "kauernburger schlossla", the other time took place in lichtenfels. In another case, the amount could no longer be determined; the place of delivery was the parking lot near the cake market in the direction of the gravel wash. The defendant claims to have received only a small amount of the intoxicant as a reward for the mediation.

Husband acquitted

At the beginning of the trial, which lasted three days and had already begun at the end of october, the 34-year-old husband was also a co-defendant. He was acquitted in the meantime because nothing could be proven against him.

The representative of the public prosecutor's office had demanded an even higher sentence of three years and two months. The accused had participated in a series of acts with four weighty cases within a short period of time. And all this despite the fact that only a few months earlier she had been sentenced to two years with probation by the local court in wunsiedel. "The defendant had not let this conviction serve as a warning and has already recidivized several times", said the prosecutor.

Clean since the end of 2019

Defense attorney hilmar lampert from bayreuth, on the other hand, focused on his client's efforts to get her life back on track. Thus, the woman has been living demonstrably drug-free since the end of 2019 and has in the meantime gained good prospects for herself. Regarding the accusations of aiding and abetting, the defense attorney said that a client had merely given tips. With the small amounts of crystal promised to her as a reward, she had only wanted to satisfy her own addiction.

The court saw it differently. With the preservation penalty from the year 2019, the defendant had not taken the last warning to heart. "It is clear to me that this is a heavy blow for you", said judge allstadt to the defendant and added: "even if i am personally sorry for this." After all, the defendant's living conditions had actually stabilized.

Too many acts, too gross quantities

A custodial sentence that could still be suspended, i.E. A sentence of two years or less, was not possible due to the number of offenses, the considerable quantities that were put into circulation, and the rapid speed of the jolt, the judge emphasized.

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