Club fans mobbed “kleeblatter

Club fans mobbed

Breach of the peace – sounds like masked left-wing extremists, squatters, and RAF sympathizers. But that is not what happened in this case. Maybe the representative of the juvenile court was right, who had repeatedly described what had happened between the train stations of hirschaid and forchheim as "adventurousness and a desire to impress" designated.

In any case, the three accused young men from forchheim have one thing in common – they are adherents of the 1. FC nurnberg. That was, after all, also the reason why they have now landed in front of the forchheim district court judge philipp fortsch. Because the three had arranged together with at least 15 like-minded people to "beat up kleeblatter".

For this purpose, they boarded a train in hirschaid, which was mainly filled with supporters of the spvgg greuther furth. The meanwhile hooded club fans stormed the train, roamed the compartments, harassed and injured – as far as they were supporters of the "weib-grunen" were identifiable – some passengers.

The youngest shows understanding

It was probably pure luck that the police could prevent worse. "Just think what could have happened if someone had been carrying a stabbing weapon or even a firearm!", magistrate fortsch imagined the possible consequences.

Nevertheless, the two defenders asked the judge and the public prosecutor for a legal discussion in an adjoining room "in order to shorten the proceedings somewhat", as they said. At least this led to the trio admitting the facts as stated in the indictment. The youngest added that it was "not the smartest thing I did".

The middle one of the three was without any previous charges and could therefore leave the courtroom with his lawyer. The prosecuting attorney had requested that the proceedings be discontinued for him in exchange for a work payment.

But his lawyer was only worried that his client would be punished twice – if the work fell on the weekend, so that he could not attend the game of his beloved "club" during this time could visit. But this danger was eliminated anyway, because the proceedings were closed without a work order.

Ruffle from the prosecutor

For the oldest and the youngest, on the other hand, the brawl had an aftermath. One of the reasons for this was that the federal central register contained two entries for the oldest and four for the youngest. "I am also a fan of soccer, the public prosecutor outed herself, and addressed the two defendants directly: "go to the games, get upset for all i care, but don't talk such nonsense."

As an educational measure, both of them now have to do 50 hours of work and participate in an anti-violence training. "You are lucky that all this did not escalate", district judge fortsch stated.

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