Cesaro reminds of palach

H.D. Golzenleuchter, artist and publisher, invited to a reading in bochum, this time at the schlieker-haus. Two years ago, ingo cesaro from kronach came to bochum for a reading.

In the second part of the event, cesaro presented two books of short poems published by wort und bild. In his presentation, H. D. Golzenleuchter that ingo cesaro already in 1979 in the anthology he edited "nicht mit den wolfen heulen" (don’t howl with the wolves) represented with poems was. In the meantime, three books have been published by his publishing house, and their beautiful appearance always features a color woodcut in iris print by golzenleuchter. Cesaro is also represented in all of the publisher’s seasonal anthologies and annual workprint folders.

But the main focus of his reading was the recently published book "your heart did not burn". Here cesaro was mainly interested in presenting his jan palach project and explaining his own experiences in prague.

After the reading, there was some interesting talk, because some of the colleagues who were present could still remember the 16. January 1969, when jan palach was torch number one in wenzelsplatz in prague, and on 19. January of the consequences of the burnings

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