Demolition: the schmeilsdorf school will soon be history

demolition: the schmeilsdorf school will soon be history

"It looked as if the building had been abandoned in a hurry", says janitor markus pistor during a tour of the old school. Cups were still on the desk in the teachers’ room, books on the shelves. The movable furniture has been disposed of in the meantime. At the moment, the employees of recyclinghof koob from hildburghausen are busy with the professional disposal of ripboard& co. Employed. Then the old schmeilsdorf school, built in 1965, is demolished.

Until its closure, the school, which belonged to the former fassoldshof youth center, was full of life. Countless young women studied there to become housekeepers or hairdressers. In addition to classrooms, the school also had a kitchen and a gym. At that time, the schmeilsdorf house was purely a girls’ home. The youngsters were housed a few kilometers away in fassoldshof.

A lot has happened since then. Since 1988, the residential area has no longer been reserved for female residents alone, but is now home to people with disabilities who are cared for by the rummelsberger diakonie. The school building was still used for teaching purposes by fassoldshof for a while.


The kronach county bookstore is moving

the kronach county bookstore is moving

Until a few days ago, the first floor of the house with the number 9 in johann-knoch-gasse in kronach was a symbol for the decline of a rough drugstore chain. About a year ago, the schlecker market closed there. What remains is the checkout, the shelves – even the stand where customers used to be able to wrap their purchases in gift wrapping paper. But there is nothing left to pack.

In the meantime, life has returned. While the district bookstore at the school center is being renovated, it will move into the former schlecker store. Some rows of shelves are already filled with books, men carry box after box into the store, and rudolf pfadenhauer, manager of the kreisbucherei, discusses with his co-worker. She moves a shelf in front of the shop window. Pfadenhauer shakes his head: "there i wanted to have the view to drauben free. It's much more pleasant when it's light out."

In the past weeks he had to decide many things. "We had to remove several books because they were old or no longer in demand by our readers." Finally he has only 400 square meters of space – about a third less. The most popular books, currently regional crime novels, have nevertheless moved with them. Other things, such as karl may novels, had to make way for the most part.


Local history society visits friends

local history society visits friends

For the fourth time, the herzogenaurach local history society paid a visit to the carninthian twin town of wolfsberg, and once again all the participants were enthusiastic about the hospitality and the unforgettable hours spent in austria. As always, the hosts made every effort to make the stay at the lavant an unforgettable experience.

During a tour of the city, the french delegation received a profound impression of the history of wolfsberg. Like herzogenaurach, the town once belonged to the bamberg monastery, and it was not until 1759 that empress maria theresia bought the town of wolfsberg and the surrounding area from the bambergers. Although the agreed purchase sum was never transferred, local politicians remembered the common history 50 years ago. In 1968 the mayor of bamberg mathieu reminded of the common history of bamberg and its carinthian and styrian possessions and herzogenaurach under mayor hans maier started the friendship with his colleague from wolfsberg kunstatter.

Since then, the friendly relationship between the two communities has been steadily deepened: clubs and school classes, as well as numerous private individuals, cultivate friendships and the partnership between the two cities (each with a population of around 25,000), which are roughly the same size. And so one day of the visit by the local history society was devoted to the history of the city and the culture of carniola. A visit to the exhibition rooms in the city museum, a city tour as well as the visit to the house of the regions with its culinary treasures were the first highlights.


Special feature at the christmas market in ludwigsstadt

special feature at the christmas market in ludwigsstadt

She learned to sew, knit and chop at school and taught herself the rest. Now she is passionate about making children’s hats, sweaters, pants and snuffies as well as chameleons. Each of your results are unique. She puts all her love into these beautiful objects. The customers like above all that they can choose the fabrics and that their wishes are taken into account.

Every saturday manuela schmidt is now present at ursula schirmer’s shop from 9 to 12 o’clock, so the customers don’t have to call first, but can look at a few models right away. Whether bulldog or the ice princess, whether micky mouse or a frog on the pants, everything is possible.

Of course, also on the 10. December to the christmas market, in the paint and wallpaper store schirmer in ludwigsstadt at the market place, the store is open. There you can buy the unique pieces of mrs. Manuela schmidt and we also have a stand in the town hall. In addition, other local artists and artists to admire at ursula. As a surprise you will find the "schurzenliebe" in the store, be curious. Think also of the culinary delicacies that are for sale in the store.


Father lukas elected provincial

father lukas elected provincial

Father lukas schmidkunz OSA, who also spent several years in munnerstadt, was ordained a priest on the 23rd. April at the ordinary provincial chapter of the bavarian-german province of the augustinians elected new provincial for the following four years. Father lukas will finish his term on 10. June.

P. Lukas schmidkunz OSA was elected on 20.Born in fuchsmuhl in the upper palatinate in february 1962. He attended the augustinus grammar school in weiden in the upper palatinate and during this time was a pupil at the augustin seminary there.

After his novitiate in munnerstadt, which ended with his first profession on 26. September 1982, he began studying theology at the julius maximilians university in wurzburg, graduating in 1988. On 29. November 1986 he made his solemn profession in wurzburg.


Prevention in focus

Prevention in focus

Two completely different groups of visitors within two days – young adults from the vocational high school in bamberg (BOS) and the confirmands of the pastoral area of maria im dreifrankenland with the parishes and associated branches schlusselfeld, aschbach, reichmannsdorf, elsendorf, wachenroth, breitenlohe, appenfelden and geiselwind – tested the flexibility and bandwidth of the prospective sociotherapeutic assistants (STA) of the laufer muhle these days.
Stalers, as they are called at the laufer muhle, are residents in therapy who are undergoing training in an IHK certificate course. Through the tours and information provided by the guests, they learn how to professionally inform people about addiction dangers, without the "christiane-F.-effect to achieve this without arousing curiosity about addictive substances.
Prevention is written large in the laufer muhle, but it must be carried out responsibly. This also means that the stallholders have to adapt to each target and age group and be able to answer the correspondingly different questions.

Discussion about drugs

While the mother and deacon hans scherbaum asked questions and the youngsters dealt with the subject of search, the students of the bamberger bos really got down to business. In line with the lifeworld of the boslers, the topics were risk-reduced handling of addictive substances, legalization, the various forms of addiction, the discussion of whether alcohol is a stronger drug than other drugs, and problematic consumption among friends. The main component of the prevention events are the so-called "addiction biographies", during which the residents of the laufer muhle talk about their own addiction history, but also about therapy and what they learn and experience at the laufer muhle in order to avoid becoming addicted again. The stalwarts found the discussions very enriching, because the questions asked by the participants always give them a new perspective on themselves and the consistently positive feedback gives them self-confidence. The main aim of the laufer muhle is that the participants as well as the stalers develop an awareness that you never know beforehand if you are ever in danger or at risk of falling down.


Start into the unknown: the newly founded women’s team of sv gifting

start into the unknown: the newly founded women's team of sv gifting

It is the last preparation game, which gives the ladies of SV gifting courage. A good three weeks ago, the district league team achieved a 1-1 draw at the district league team of SG neuses/gehulz. For the team of game manager eva zwosta the first small success in the still young history in gifting women’s soccer: "i was mega satisfied. In gehulz we fought really well." A first assessment before the newly formed gifting women’s team starts its first season on saturday.

The 20-year-old is one of the initiators who brought women’s soccer to gifting for the first time. But the starting point is about seven kilometers further west in welitsch. In the fall of 2017, she met a friend there at the men’s game with whom she had previously played together at SV rothenkirchen. Both agreed that they wanted to play soccer again, preferably close to home. "No problem, I can do it, said zwosta at the time and went in search of comrades-in-arms.

Newcomers and youth players

Zwosta found this for example in the youth of the SV rothenkirchen. Others have at least played on the school team before, but some are newcomers, explains zwosta. "We said to ourselves: ‘let’s just try it, train a bit and see if it works out’." While the team started with nine players, the squad grew to 18 before the start of the season, with an average age of just over 18 years.


The bookstore becomes a media center

The bookstore becomes a media center

Alexandra kemnitzer in the past, the municipal library had to move several times. Most recently, it was housed in rooms of the former frohnlach school. Currently, the construction work and conceptual preparations for a media center are underway. The community library is then an essential part and will inspire young and old with media.

The idea of a media house has been around for a long time, at least the relocation of the community library to more suitable premises. The plan to realize this in a central location as part of the urban redevelopment project in the west ultimately failed due to the real estate negotiations. Several transitional solutions brought certain constraints and were therefore not ideal. With the location at frohnberg 2, a former electrical shop, an acceptable object close to the center could be found, which also corresponds to the community slogan "in the middle of the action" fair. "The state office for public libraries has repeatedly pointed out in its visit reports that it would make sense to make changes", explains mayor bernd reisenweber. The expert committee recommended that the library be made more modern, that its content be realigned and its media technology expanded, and that opening hours be extended. This is exactly what is now planned in ebersdorf. "In the future we will offer books, audio books, cds, dvds, magazines and tonies for rent", heike kramer announces. For years, she has formed the bookstore team with the head of the community bookstore, jutta hopp, and has done the preliminary work with her.

In addition to the media expansion, the integration of the reading club – under the leadership of the community social pedagogue danica faber – has made a start on expanding the circle of users. A cooperation is also planned with the school’s lunchtime supervision.


Rentei becomes communication center

Rentei becomes communication center

Mayor rainer detsch () was pleased at the meeting of the building committee to have received bids for all the trades put out to tender for the renovation of the rentei am bergwerksgelande. Work is scheduled to begin as early as july.

Planner jorg detsch from architekturburo 3 D detsch in kronach informed that the total price was about 3.8 percent below the estimated costs. He added, however, that this was not a new building, but a structure with its own character and difficulties: "we will have to expect surprises."

Contracts have been awarded for seven works with a total value of around 450,000 euros. Some bids showed a price difference of almost 50 percent between the cheapest and the most expensive one. For the interior structural work, the company eichhorn, ludwigsstadt, was awarded the contract for 230,000 euros. The structural work on the auben building goes to the company bau- service pfadenhauer, wilhelmsthal, for 75,000 euros. Scaffolding work carried out by walter ermler, coburg, for 12,000 euros. The roof (slate) covers "gluckauf dachdecker", sonneberg, for 43 000 euro. Carpentry and timber construction work awarded to bauer carpentry, burgkunstadt-neuses, for 35,000 euros. Plumbing work is carried out by "gluckauf dachdecker" for 9000 euro and steel construction work company korn from schmiedefeld for 54 000 euro.


Ozil attacks media & sponsor partner in erdogan affair on

Ozil attacks media & sponsor partner in erdogan affair on

The 29-year-old accused "certain german newspapers" on sunday of right-wing propaganda "to advance their political interests". He was disappointed by the "double standards" in the coverage of his photos with turkish president recep tayyip erdogan.

Ozil also wrote that he was subsequently removed from advertising campaigns by a DFB sponsor after the pictures were taken. All other PR activities, for which it was originally intended, have been cancelled. "For them it was not long good to be seen with me. They called this situation ‘crisis management,’" ozil loved to know, without specifically mentioning the name of the sponsor. Ozil asked: "what does the DFB have to say about all this??"

A planned campaign for a good cause at his former school in gelsenkirchen also did not materialize because of the fuss about the photos. His partners for the benefit campaign had told him a few days earlier that they no longer wanted to work with him at the moment. He has also received a refusal from the school. "Quite honestly, that really hurt," ozil wrote.