Concrete or natural stone for the pedestrian zone?

Concrete or natural stone for the pedestrian zone?

So it still remains open whether and where there will be concrete or natural stone. Only this much is already certain: asphalt flats have no chance.

Money or beauty
As the head of the civil engineering department explained to the city council members, the concrete stone was more economical overall. Roughly estimated, the natural stone was allowed to be 100 euros per square meter more expensive than its concrete counterpart. And that makes a good 10.000 square meters will cost around one million euros.
Concrete blocks were also more favorable for later repairs. Natural stone, on the other hand, had the edge in terms of strength, cleaning, winter maintenance and appearance, according to hornung.

Although the city council had the opportunity to look at gangway zones elsewhere thanks to a specially organized trip, the building committee ultimately followed a proposal from city councillor bernd czelustek (SPD), who wants to see the conceivable materials on site. Ergo no decision was made, because before the next meeting samples will be laid out in the fubganger zone.


Tax advantages for house modernization in three of munnerstadt’s old town centers

Tax advantages for house modernization in three of Munnerstadt's old town centers

Residents of the inner villages of reichenbach, seubrigshausen and wermerichshausen can now claim considerable tax benefits when modernizing their properties. This is possible because the three town centers are now redevelopment areas. Almost all renovation and modernization work, such as the installation of new bathrooms and the like, can now be tax-deductible for the residents of the inner districts. For work on municipal buildings, there are grants of 50 percent on average, but this value varies.

Fabian noth (neue wege) and michael kastl (CSU) had submitted a corresponding motion for reichenbach, ulla muller (CSU) and michael kastl for seubrigshausen and wermerichshausen. The background, as michael kastl informed us in response to a question in our newspaper, was that extensive trenching work was pending in the three towns. "The aim is for the public and private sectors to work together." It had already been stipulated in these applications that – if coarser tree removals occur in other parts of the city – redevelopment areas should also be designated there.

In march 2017, the city council had decided to carry out the preparatory studies for the three city districts. "Those were three big chunks, said christiane wichmann from architektenburo perleth at the youngest city council meeting. She briefly presented the work carried out, which included, among other things, the inventory analysis and the assessment of urban planning deficiencies, unhealthy living and working conditions and, functional deficiencies. In addition, framework plans were drawn up for each of them.


Once again it’s time for the post!

Once again it's time for the post!

On monday, 15. October, the post office opens a new branch in ebern. It is their fifth move in the city in 180 years. Actually, the story had to be told in the 17. The thurn und cabs post office, which had already existed in ebern since 1653, did not survive. "They loved the city soon and literally left" reports lipp, whose review is essentially based on the findings of postamtmann wilhelm steck in the "frankische postgeschichtsblattern" no. 34 of september 1982.

The young friedrich ruckert complained in a letter dated 25.9.1815 complained that" … We here in ebern … Have very bad post opportunity". He simply gave his many letters to the official post office of his father, the rentamtmanns. It was brought to baunach and gleuben every day, because the postal route at that time ran in the itzgrund and not in the baunach valley.

Konigl. Bayer. Postal expedition


Euro finance chiefs want to release billions for athens

euro finance chiefs want to release billions for athens

Details were still being negotiated over the weekend, as EU diplomats reported. However, there was growing confidence that the package would be adopted. Greece had previously fulfilled essential conditions of the euro countries. This included the approval of the parliament and the heads of the major parties to the savings targets as well as additional savings cuts of 325 million euros. At a special meeting on saturday, the athens government passed a series of bills to implement the austerity measures demanded by the EU. This will cut higher pensions and lower minimum wages.

The aid package is also a prerequisite for the debt cut with private creditors such as banks and insurance companies. Athens’ debt to fall by around 100 billion euros as a result.

Athens must submit to stricter controls in return for billions in new loans. According to reports, athens has accepted a key german demand. On monday, the finance ministers are expected to decide to set up a blocked account for the repayment of loans.


20-Year-old gets off lightly

20-year-old gets off lightly

According to the prosecution, a 20-year-old from the northern district of habberge trafficked around half a kilogram of marijuana in 2017, which is why he had to answer to the juvenile court at the district court in habfurt on monday. There he was threatened with imprisonment.

But things turned out differently. Because the main witness for the prosecution failed to appear in court for the second time without excuse, the defendant got off with a fine of 700 euros, payable to the district youth council. He was "only" convicted for possession of a little more than four grams of the intoxicating "weed". He was acquitted of five counts of the indictment.

On three occasions in june 2017, the 20-year-old allegedly sold around 300 grams of marijuana to the main witness, according to the indictment. Another sale of over 200 grams had already been agreed upon. According to an investigating police officer from the coburg police department, evidence that the transactions actually took place was found when the defendant’s cell phone was analyzed. "Bring the money from last time", the accused wrote to the main witness via "telegram", a messenger service whose messages erupted only seconds after they were called up, according to the criminal investigation officer. For this reason, they had photographed the cell phone messages. The defendant used the pseudonym "hokuspokus" as a cover name for his narcotics business used to conceal his identity.


Summit chief expects agreement on eu finances

summit chief expects agreement on eu finances

After intensive preliminary talks on thursday evening in brussel, summit chief herman van rompuy was optimistic after the fronts had seemed hardened for a long time. "I am confident that we can now agree on a final compromise at this table". We just have to do it," he said after presenting a new compromise. However, he did not mention concrete figures at first.

His previous compromise proposal had provided for total spending of 972 billion euros for the years 2014 to 2020. This had failed at the november summit, mainly due to resistance from austerity-minded donor countries such as germany and the united kingdom.

German government circles nevertheless did not rule out failure. The talks were "very, very difficult," according to a statement made on the fringes of the deliberations of the 27 EU heads of state and government. "It is not at all likely that it will succeed."In the meantime, however, there is talk of lower budget figures than at the failed summit in november.


The bavarians now swore in for the double

the bavarians now swore in for the double

The verdict of the highest judge at FC bayern was ruthlessly honest.

"Liverpool was simply better and deserved to win. That’s all I wanted to say," said uli hoeneb in an emotionally controlled voice after the european soccer championship.O. Against the previous year’s finalist with triumphator jurgen klopp in a bunch of microphones. Then the president turned abruptly in the basement of the allianz arena and disappeared thoughtfully into a hollow munich night that marked a zasur for the german record champion.

A detailed statement of the association’s patron was not absolutely necessary in the hour of the deep exchange. Each of the 70.000 eyewitnesses in the stadium had seen how a rough munich champions league generation had to resign, which in this decade with three finals, four semi-final participations and the title win in 2013 as a crowning achievement mabgebgeblich the happenings in europe’s fubball with. "We have been shown our limits," admitted coach niko kovac at the end of his first konigsklasse season.


Kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

kulmbach district: new debt to be reduced to zero

Purely arithmetically the increase of the indebtedness still amounts to 28000 euro. But this should not remain so. The goal is zero. So no new debts. This is the result of the preliminary discussion of the 2018 county budget, which the county committee dealt with on monday.

District administrator klaus peter sollner () reported a "far above-average tax and apportionment power" in the circle. On the one hand, this is a good development, but on the other hand, the key allocations will be lower.

"Saved as much as possible", said

In the past years, the district had "saved money wherever possible". Now we have a financially sound situation, which should be used to further reduce debt and lower the county levy, which would benefit the municipalities.