Brose baskets sign alex renfroe

Brose baskets sign alex renfroe

The brose baskets have found a replacement for john goldsberry, who injured his knee again. Alex renfroe, a 26-year-old point guard, comes from spanish first division club valladolid, where he averaged 10.2 points, 4.1 rebounds and 4.5 assists in 22 games. Renfroe has gained further experience in europe in brindisi, zagreb and riga. For zagreb and riga he was also active in the eurochallenge. In the NCAA, the american college league, he played for belmont university.

"We owe it to john goldsberry to give him the time to get fit", coach chris fleming stressed yesterday. The end of the changeover period in the bundesliga on 28. February forced the bamberger to act quickly, however, because goldsberry is in severe pain after a fall on his already damaged knee and is in danger of being out for a long time. "After the situation around john, who is an important factor for us, became acute at short notice and we cannot foresee how long he will be missing, we have secured ourselves by signing renfroe in good time before the end of the transfer period for the play-offs", brose baskets manager wolfgang heyder explains the follow-up commitment.

"Renfroe can set the scene well for his teammates, rebounds, plays good defense and has the 1-on-1 quickness that we sometimes lack a bit", fleming characterizes the new addition. Renfroe to wear brose jersey for first time in munich on sunday.

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