Bayreuth wants replay

Bayreuth wants replay

Medi trainer raoul korner loves to blow off steam at the press conference. He was angry with the referees aleksandar glisic (serbia), zafer yilmaz (turkey) and luka kardum (croatia), who often ruled against the bayreuth team. Korner did not even mention the many dubious foul decisions, but was only upset about a serious misjudgement by the referees in the final phase of the game.

This is how it happened: the bayreuth team had reduced a 24-point deficit to nine points (70:79) in the last quarter after a capital false start (6:24) with a rough energy performance. 1:23 minutes remained on the clock when raoul korner took a timeout. "I've given my team a game plan that starts on the right side of the field." But then the bayreuthers were not allowed to put the ball in from the side they wanted, only from the other side – a clear violation of the rules, korner scolded. "The players were naturally disorganized."

And when the medi coach vehemently complained about the violation of the rules, he was given a technical foul, strabburg received a free throw. "I have never experienced this in 20 years as a basketball coach. The referees don't know the rules, and I'm being punished for it. This is embarrassing", raged the austrian, who felt that this miscue deprived his team of the chance to perhaps win the game after all. Now he hopes FIBA will act after studying the video recording. Raoul korner even calls for a replay.

Raoul korner also emphasizes that he does not want to diminish the performance of the strabburger with his criticism of the referees: "congratulations, they were physically stronger than us."

Seven-day break

After the nerve-racking champions league game, the basketball players from bayreuth have been given a seven-day break. The next bundesliga match will be played on thursday, 27 thursday. December, in the home oberfrankenhalle. The team around captain bastian doreth receives at 20.30 o'clock in the chasing duel the EWE baskets oldenburg. Only two days later, on saturday, 29. December, is already the next home game against the crailsheim merlins (20.30 o'clock) on the program.

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