Bausback: csu has made one or two mistakes

Bausback: csu has made one or two mistakes

"We don’t have an easy standing in the public eye at the moment."At the very end of his speech on cybercrime, bavaria’s justice minister winfried bausback returned to the beginning of the event on wednesday evening at the mittelstandsunion in dettelbach. Dettelbach’s old mayor, reinhold kuhn, has already stated in his grubwort: "we are currently in stormy times in the CSU – we have to stick together."

What is the reason? "On the one or other mistake, but also on criticism that is not factual," says bausback, who also appeals to cohesion. How important this is for the party at the moment is also made clear by the long list of those buried by the district chairman of the union of small and medium-sized businesses, tibor brumme: everything that has rank and name in the party has turned up, at the forefront the candidates for the state parliament and district elections in the fall.

The attack on the data of the dettelbach city administration two and a half years ago is the hang-up for the justice minister: "what happened to dettelbach is not an isolated case," he says, because there are around 40,000 attacks on authority networks in bavaria every day. "We need IT (information technology), and the gaps must be closed as far as possible," says the minister, who also knows the weak points: above all, the employees, something that municipalities and commercial enterprises also know.

In order to combat cybercrime, bavaria has set up the cybercrime central office (ZCB) in bamberg at the public prosecutor’s office, which investigates cybercrime with specially trained prosecutors and employees in cooperation with the police, but also nationally and internationally. The authority is growing steadily, as is the number of cases. The minister’s appeal, especially to the business community, is not to keep quiet about successful attacks, but to report them so that the facts can be investigated. "With every cybercriminal we apprehend, we create more security," says bausback.

In addition to the structures, it is also important to provide the investigators with the necessary tools and technical possibilities. Here are the corresponding mabnahmen in coalition agreement in berlin included.

For many years, the consequences of residential burglary – especially for the victims – were underestimated. Although the number of burglaries is declining, the minister is not yet satisfied with the situation. Here, too, investigators need to be better equipped. What has helped and was also recognized by the assembly, are the higher penalties in this area. Here, too, the minister’s appeal, as in other areas of crime: "if we are afraid to name crime, the rule of law will suffer."

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