As a customs officer, ludwig wachter has traveled far and wide

As a customs officer, ludwig wachter has traveled far and wide

Ludwig wachter from tuschnitz received many congratulations on his 85th birthday. Birthday rejoice. He enjoyed celebrating his birthday with his neighbors, colleagues and club members. Through his profession as a customs officer, the jubilarian has come around. He spent the quieter years together with his wife inge in his estate in tuschnitz.

Ludwig wachter was born and raised in lahm. He first worked on his parents’ farm and then successfully applied to the customs authorities. "In steinbach/haide i was deployed in the border service", he tells of his education and of meeting his present wife, inge, who comes from kleintettau. He even worked in kleintettau for a few years before his employer transferred him to sudbaden and later to nurnberg.

After more than a decade in the distance, both came back to the region. In the early 1980s, he and his wife bought a house in tuschnitz, which became their new home. He lovingly tended and cared for the rough garden as long as his strength allowed him to do so.

Numerous relatives, acquaintances, neighbors and club representatives paid their respects to the jubilarian.

Third mayor thomas meyer congratulated on behalf of the market town of kups. The local clubs, whose events the jubilarian always enjoyed attending with his wife, also congratulated ludwig wachter. The volunteer fire department, the fruit and horticultural association, the community of settlers and the lawaafn table, the local CSU association and the customs union were all represented with their delegations.

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