“An association that is alive”

At the elections held during the general meeting of the fruit and horticulture association of grub am forst, there was a change in the position of the winegrower's steward. Until now, this post was held by chairman ulrich kieser. Florian kieser is currently working as a winegrower who, due to his profession, also possesses the corresponding specialist knowledge. This is necessary, because in the event of disruptions or damage, a quick remedy is important.

"Last year, 25 tons of apples, pears and mostly quinces were processed", ulrich kieser announced. Due to the bad apple year and the new acceptance regulation, the pressing was done on only nine days. Many helpers were on hand for local conservation inspections, kieser reported. "The orchard and gardening association does a lot of good and does a lot of work with its "care and maintenance", also stated mayor jurgen wittmann. He praised the cooperation with the municipality. "It's nice to be with an association that's alive and doing something," said, emphasized deputy district chairman reiner bruckner. He thanked for the extensive voluntary work, which often happens in secret. Barbara lauterbach asked that gardening be approached in a natural way and that one or the other corner of the garden not be mowed for the benefit of insects. 


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