“A workable compromise”

When michael eckstein, chairman of the city youth council, thinks back to the past year, he remembers budget negotiations, discussions and performance agreements. As is well known, the city of coburg has cut services due to cost-cutting measures. "We have explained to each faction why this goes to our substance", said eckstein at the spring plenary meeting in the coje hall on monday evening. After all, thanks to the tough negotiations, the originally planned cancellation of funds in 2013 was reduced from 54,000 euros to 36,000 euros. "It's a workable compromise that we can live with", said eckstein.

Employees informed
Nonetheless, dismissals had to be pronounced, this concerned the two cleaners who were employed on a part-time basis. The work is now being done by a cleaning company. Furthermore, the janitorial hours were cut from 20 to 15 and the seasonal employee was only employed for six hours instead of nine. The administrative employee had also changed jobs after 16 years. After the legal blocking period, the position is to be filled for 1. July to be newly occupied.
According to third mayor hans-heinrich ulmann (CSB), the negotiations were fair. "It was always possible to have a constructive conversation." The executive committee of the city youth ring had drawn attention to the situation with numerous actions. After all, 3440 support postcards were handed over to the city council.
It was possible to secure important components, said the chairman. 180 children took part in the vacation program and a children's camp was organized. The juleika training course, which is to be offered again this year, was also a success.
Second chairman alexander muller praised all the staff who had supported the city youth council during the very difficult period. "They did not complain, they showed full commitment until the end and did not let us down." Muller describes the children's and youth festival youco, which will take place again this year, as a highlight.
Sebastian straubel informed about the "horsturz" project. Young people can create their own radio show once a month with their own themes and music tracks. As a rough success the businesswoman christine volker described the coje-cafe. This had visited around 3000 families. The cafe will continue to be open on fridays. Ronald friedrich announced that the city youth council is a member of the local alliance "coburg the family city." The family pass, according to friedrich, needs to become even more well known.
Reinhold ehl, head of the office for youth and family, informed about the overall concept of youth work. The CSB parliamentary group had submitted the application for this. Three workshops were held with professional support, the members of the city youth council received questionnaires. The short version of the concept is to be presented to the city council in the fall.


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