A visit to the realm of the “king of kurbis” in altenbanz

A visit to the realm of the 'king of kurbis' in altenbanz

And the kurbis always beckons. At least that was the case for four years. On wednesday, however, the enjoyment hike of the spa and tourism service led to altenbanz for the last time for this program item. 13 kilometer stretch on a not so difficult run.

If there is to be a meeting at the banz monastery, then there should be a visit to the museum there as well. This marked the beginning of a high point of the 2019 enjoyment hikes for around 30 participants. Hiking guide hildegard wachter was to drive them through the wittelsbach forest and the maximilian path to altenbanz, where the kunzelmann house had been busy since the day before organizing a reception and hospitality.

Two pots of cucumber soup

At lunchtime, kathrin schmolz is standing at an electric hotplate underneath a terrace, stirring in two pots of cucurbit soup at once. She is a friend of the house, and the fact that she is here has to do with the fact that the appointment is a "jour fix once a year" is how she says. She was already involved several times, because a hiking group brings appetite with it.

Then comes georg kunzelmann and takes care of the final touches. On sunday, the dishes were already provided, as well as the lunch sets, he explains. His wife petra cooked cucumber soup – by the potful. He himself baked bread.

The man, actually a company electrician, knows about cucumbers and, as he says, orders their seeds on the internet. There may be as many as 800 varieties; he has 50 to 80 on the farm here in altenbanz. And between september and november it is all about the cure bite. You can find them everywhere, you can find them as ornamental curris, hollowed out, painted, on wall projections and as drapery and decoration on the tables set up in the open.

A book about cucumbers?

Today, the shelf containing homemade jams with flavors such as cucumber and cranberries is also a sight to behold. Or homemade likore.

At some point, kathrin schmolz drops a remark to the effect that kunzelmann is, in a certain sense, the "king of kurbis" and that in parts of his environment there is probably something like a slight expectation that the man should put his knowledge about cucumbers into a book.

Kunzelmann smirks and makes a brief dismissive gesture with his hand. Then he cuts open a muscat cucumber and is right: it tastes nutty.

Astonished hikers

When the hiking group arrives, it does not do so completely. No one got lost, it was just that one part took this fork shortly before altenbanz and another just that one. So every five minutes, the groups were amazed at what was waiting for them: cucumber soup, cucumber cake, candied cucumber seeds, cucumber-based dessert or cucumber cous-cous.

A good hour’s stay should follow. The last at kunzelmanns, because in the future they will no longer participate in the program of enjoyment walks. "It’s just a rather coarse "auand", notes georg kunzelmann.

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