A future for bischofsheim’s temple of engagement

A future for bischofsheim's temple of engagement

The fact that bischofsheim once had an engagement or love temple is hardly known to the younger generation. The building stood until about the beginning of the 1970s. Now the temple of love is being rebuilt on the old site. In the rhonstrabe on the outskirts of bischofsheim, many hard-working helpers are currently at work to revive this romantic gem.

The suggestion to rebuild the temple of betrothal was brought to mayor georg seiffert by a number of citizens, independently of each other, some time ago. Irene raimann was one of the first to campaign for the reconstruction of the building. But also fritz voll, manfred markert, matthias huttner and edgar korb, klaus kirchner and klaus richter made representations. The mayor invited to an information meeting, but the first attempt was not very encouraging – or the date was not chosen well.

Rough interest

But the subject was not forgotten. Steffi schoppner founded a whatsapp group. The interest group was formed and the mayor assured his full support. "It is advantageous that some are masons, carpenters and roofers. For them it is a matter of course that they themselves "hand, hammer and say" concerned", emphasized seiffert. "At the meetings, however, some people also reminisced about their own memories of the temple of love in intimate togetherness on balmy summer nights."

Bavarian radio became curious

At the same time renate hildmann became aware of the "herzplatz-aktion" of the bavarian radio and thought that this would be something for bischofsheim. Seiffert spontaneously applies for the project. "They were very enthusiastic at the BR. The engagement and love stamp fits perfectly into the concept." Bischofsheim was selected, meetings with the action group, representatives of the BR and the mayor took place. The project was concretized at a first sausage breakfast. It was planned that the BR would accompany the action on site and broadcast it in the program "wir in bayern" (we in bavaria) had reported live. But then corona came and the accompaniment of BR was no longer possible.

The "engagement and love temple will still be built in bischofsheim. As in earlier times, it will again stand idyllically among the trees of the avenue, with a magnificent view of bischofsheim and the kreuzberg mountain. An ideal location to watch the sunset for two. As far as the burgermeister is informed, the engagement temple was erected for the first time around 1919. In the 1950s it was renewed. The grandfather of georg seiffert, was deputy mayor at that time. "The wonderful location attracted until the early 70s not only romantics and nature lovers, but also people who destroy beautiful things for no reason. Therefore it had to be removed at that time.

"Today, only a porous foundation reminds us of the gem of yesteryear", reports seiffert. The fact that burgesses and burghers are now using the engagement and. The mayor describes the reestablishment of the temple of love as a "great thing. Civic engagement of this kind should be supported in any case. Thus a financial demand could be achieved through the regional budget of the office for rural development and the kreuzbergallianz. "The main wish of the action group is that this place becomes a special place with heart again for all people." For the "herzplatz" action bischofsheim will apply again next year for the design of the eaves around the temple of engagement and love. Maybe it is then possible that the BR reports live from bischofsheim from the hardworking craftsmen with heart.

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